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Characteristics that Thinkers and Philosophers Value

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Most virtues are the core characteristics that are valued by thinkers and philosophers. Wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence are just to name a few of the characteristics. Without courage most people would not have the persistence or enthusiasm to complete anything in life. Courage WOUld almost be considered a guideline to have the want to get anything done. Courage gives people the push when things go wrong.

To sum up courage when it comes to persistence and enthusiasm, courage give people he push they need to get things done, to strive not only for excellence, but to become number one.

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Characteristics that Thinkers and Philosophers Value
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The video I decided to watch was about Joe overcoming his stage fright and what he did to be able to move on from the fear. Joe was a song writer that had so many songs written he just always had a fear of singing them, he would even be paranoid of his roommates hearing him. Finally he decided to try to overcome this and decided to go to a local open mimic and sing.

On his first try he showed up and saw that there was a lot of people there, at least in his opinion the roughly 0 people was a lot. It got to the point that he was about to perform the fear kicked in but it also made his adrenaline kick in, he could feel his heart rate increasing and his breathing got faster. He got himself on stage and started to sing and it was horrible and uncomfortable. He could feel the audience was also uncomfortable and felt as if they were focusing on how horrible and uncomfortable he was. Finally he had finished his first singing experience.

This is where his persistence and enthusiasm kicked, he felt the smallest feeling f a connection with the audience and he wanted more. He persisted and decided to keep going back every week. Sadly the same fear kicked in every week until finally he started thinking of his audience and embraced his fear. His fear was blocking his progress, so he turned it into a song and used it to connect with his audience so they could feel what he was feeling and over time he stopped singing the song about his fear as his fear was gone. There is not much that I think he could have done differently.

The only other option I think he could have tried would be to sing to his roommates and relative when it was not time to be at the open mimic. If he had done this then he might have been able to overcome his fear faster. Fortunately for Joe he did everything right in my opinion. He kept going back to the open mimic week after week and never gave up until his stage fright was gone. References Cowan, J. (2013, November 1).

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