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How Jews and Hindus Imagine God

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– Explore how Jews and Hindus imagine God. Are there any overlaps?

Religion has been around for thousands of years and every culture has their

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How Jews and Hindus Imagine God
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definition of it. In most religions there is belief that there is one God that created life and

its creation but some religion believe there are many Gods. Many religions believe in

going to church on Sundays, while others go to a Temple or a Mosque. Religion teaches

us to live life in a worthy matter like doing good and respective everyone.

The purpose

of this essay is to inform you about two major religions, Hinduism and Judaism. Based

on class discussions, Huston Smith’s book The World’s Religions and a little research I

did on my own. In this essay I will discuss Hinduism God’s and Jewish beliefs and


Hindus view God in a very serious way. According to Hindus all of their Gods are

connected in some aspects. Some God’s are more important than others.

Some Hindus

believe life is a endless cycle that can take up to a trillion years to finish rebirth. The

Jews view God as one creator off all. The Jewish line begins with Abraham. God made

a Covenant with Abraham as he was going to be the Father to as many people as the

stars and the sand of the seashore. Abraham had two kids Ishmael, the first born from a

slave woman and Isaac from his wife Sarah but only the second child was born with a

promise. Isaac had twin boys Jacob and Esau. Esau was considered the older child,

the one who would inherit the promise than Jacob stole his his birth right through

a bowl of Lentil soup. After Jacob stole Esau’s blessing he fled his tribe, scared of his

brother. Later when he came back to make peace with his brother, walking through the

bushes something attacked him, he thought it was his brother trying to kill him. When he

realized he was wrestling with God, he grabbed God and asked for his blessing. God

said because you wrestled with God.

Cite this How Jews and Hindus Imagine God

How Jews and Hindus Imagine God. (2018, Aug 25). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/jews-vs-hindus/

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