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Jieliang Phone Home

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Main problem: Lack of communication vertically / Inefficiency in the production line In cultural and individual level of analysis; 1. Culture a. Culture affects the organizational culture of the factory; despite its connection to global organization, the culture within the Chinese factories is still localized as mentioned in the article that even though with the temporary stay of the global team, efficiency goes up but after they leave, it goes back again.

Due to language, cultural and contextual barriers, even if there is problem, it is less likely that communication between the global team and the local team would go effective.

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Jieliang Phone Home
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B. According to the GLOBE project; China ranked (Aziza Big) Therefore, it is less likely to have friendly and human-oriented environment but rather one with high power distance and strict order. 2. Individual Differences a. Due to routine Job and strict punishment when the mistake is made, the individual s less likely to have high self-efficacy, thus motivation to improve oneself.

In such a simple Job, the positive feedback is difficult to be given to the employees as well.

Therefore, individual would be satisfied with Just doing the given Job without any error. B. In a factory that also has the dormitory for the workers to live in and also with the situation where many of the workers come from the faraway towns, it is difficult to have work-life integration. It is even hard to separate the work life and actual life that it gives less time and opportunity for the worker to have individual and personal time. . Even if the worker considers the organization to be ineffective in the production line, as with the case with Jelling, it would be difficult for them to complain or suggest. In other words, even if there is individual-organization value conflict, it gives them no chance to solve it. D. In work attitudes, the workers are likely to have only continuance attitude toward the Job.

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