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Joan Murphy Case

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The case “Joan Murphy” Joan’s performance in terms of consistency, distinctiveness, and consensus. First we need to show that the employee had the capability to perform the job, had appropriate training by the employer, and had actually performed the job appropriately in the past. People often believe that their good performance is to their skill, but poor performance is mostly due to some uncontrollable forces In term of consistency, Joan’s job performances are below expectations, low consistency, and she’s unproductive.

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Joan Murphy Case
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Her performance at work shows poor job quality and she lacks motivation. In term of distinctiveness, Joan organization, time management, results as well as accuracy in work performance is poor. In term of consensus, she has a problem in performing her duties, and does not consult other co-workers. She lacks the ability to complete her tasks on time. Also, she’s also not creative and very difficult to work with. Therefore, Joan needs assistance and the company need to find ways to assist her with her problems.

Also, the company can transferred her to another department with less work load. Joan should be given the opportunity to understand that there is a problem Related to her job performance and she has room for improvement. Joan’s performance relate to internal or external causes. We should be aware that sometimes, all of the problems people have at work could not be solved by the supervisor because they might not all related to work. In Joan’s case, her external could be her family, financial issue, and marital problems but, only Joan can solved these problems.

On the other hand, Joan’s internal is her responsibility. She’s impulsive, careless, and irresponsible. Upon graduation, she didn’t get the necessary training and was usually given harder tasks based on assumption. The company based her work load on her “technical competency “which I think she lacked. Therefore, the problem she’s facing is her own. Her poor performances will reflect on the image of the company. She is inconsistent, unreliable, lacks team spirit, definitely, Joan needs support.

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