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Course Paper: Verb and Gerund

English Language




Words: 9811 (40 pages)

My course paper is called the gerund. I have chosen this subject, because I want to know more about the gerund. There are several reasons for it: 1)1 want know more about the gerund, because it will help me in my future studying, will help me not to produce errors ; 2) Since most languages…

History of English Language – Timeline

English Language


Words: 698 (3 pages)

5000BC – Sanskirt – was an ancient Indian language that belongs to the indo-European language group. India preserved samples of this language that are older than any European language. 55BC – Romans first recorded in England at this time. They did not conquer England until 78-85AD. OLD ENGLISH 450 – Saxons – They were the…

Teaching English in India

English Language

Words: 8564 (35 pages)

Learning any language other than the mother tongue and getting communication ability in it, takes quite some time for anybody. But the vernacular of Kerala in South India Malayalam has a different story to announce. This is due to the invention of a brand new item called “Linguistic Yardstick” by Mr. Jacob Nettikkatt (Nettikkadan). The…

The Origin and Development of the English Language in Barbados

English Language

Words: 1331 (6 pages)

This essay will focus on the origin and evolution of the English language in Barbados. As an introduction, it will account for the chief events and tendencies that impacted on the development of the English language in Barbados today. Furthermore, the essay will describe the role of the English language in current Barbadian society. Compared…

The Freshman Research Paper

English Language




Words: 1323 (6 pages)

The freshman research paper appears to be in danger of displacement by controlled research materials in one volume. Such materials have their advantages in controlling cheating and in teaching the student how to use source materials, both of these being difficult problems in beginning research. Controlled materials have the disadvantage, however, of not really teaching…

Standardization Of The English Language Research

English Language

Words: 1806 (8 pages)

There are several of import events before 1500 that when listed together show a series of stairss in the battle for English linguistic communication domination. These stairss are chiefly governmental, legal and official events that pushed English use. In 1356 The Sheriff’s Court in London and Middlesex were conducted in English for the first clip….

Importance of Gerund in English Language

English Language

Words: 389 (2 pages)

Gerunds are funny — they look like verbs, they sound like verbs, but they’re not verbs — they’re nouns! SpSpecificallyecifically, gerunds are action-oriented verbs that function as nouns. This always has the same function as a noun (although it looks like a verb), so it can be used: As the subject of the sentence: Eating…

Meanings of Modal Verbs

English Language

Words: 5382 (22 pages)

The meanings of modal verbs are extremely important for understanding how modal verbs work. This or that modal verb in one of its meanings can’t form the past tense; in another meaning it is used only with a negative; in still another meaning it can’t form a question or, on the contrary, is used only…

Applied linguistics

English Language

Words: 646 (3 pages)

1. Each language is characterized by certain permissible combination of phonemes, to which the speakers of this language get used. Different languages have different phonemes and combinations of phonemes. Thusly, when a speaker of a certain language tries to substitute his native word with the one from foreign language, he usually modifies the phonetic structure…

The importance of punctuation in modern writing

English Language

Words: 403 (2 pages)

 “Punctuation is one of the most important aspects of written English, and yet punctuation it is one that is taken the most lightly.” (Writecorner)  Punctuation in written communication is very important because expert writing skills, punctuation-use included is a criteria for employment, punctuation is vital in the clear definition of meaning, and it is important…

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