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Obedience, Conformity and Compliance


Words: 910 (4 pages)

Obedience, Conformity and Compliance- all are human behaviors. Let’s look at the following incidents- 1. The student followed his teacher’s orders. 2. The parents bought a crib for their new born baby. 3. The factory implemented all the safety measures (for its workers) set by the Government. In the first example above, we see the…

Civil Disobedience Paper


Words: 952 (4 pages)

The philosophy and tactics of civil disobedience have been used as early as 441 B. C. with Antigone and other religious groups. We must remember, however, this philosophy has also been used as recently as The Anti Vietnam War Movement. Civil disobedience is exercised by citizens that want to better society and they are at…

Conformity and Obedience


Words: 639 (3 pages)

Conformity is like a virus that you are bound to catch, and there is only one real cure. People conform to society because society has strength and power over us. People delude themselves into believing that majority is society. If someone’s views go against society then society will pounce upon them like a hungry lion…

Guy Montag: Civil Disobedience


Words: 1456 (6 pages)

In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, protagonist Guy Montage sets out on an impossible task to reveal knowledge from the past by performing acts Of civil disobedience that challenge his society along with all those living in it; however, Montage charm ere must go through dramatic changes in order to do so. In a community…

Tenets of Civil Disobedience


Words: 309 (2 pages)

A.1. The ways adopted by organizations Earth First! and the Earth Liberation Front violate the central tenets of civil disobedience  as practiced by Gandhi and martin Luther King, for they refuse to accept the existence of a higher authority and fail to view civil disobedience from the spiritual perspective. Lopach and Luckowski point out the…

Analysis of Milgram’s Obedience Study



Words: 1143 (5 pages)

Analysis of Milgram’s study Milgram’s results were shocking to say the least (no pun intended). Why would average, everyday people agree to administer extreme electric shock to an innocent middle-aged man? Were the participants sadists (people who enjoy giving others pain)? Did Milgram manage somehow to recruit only “crazy participants”? The answer to these questions…

Civil Disobedience Extended Definition


Words: 1119 (5 pages)

Short summary of main events 8. Relation to Civil Disobedience 1. Why was it an act of Civil Disobedience? 2. Why was there a need for it? . Conclusion Ill A. Benefits and Detriments of the act Overall opinion on the topic The Freight Obedience The term civil disobedience has been used all throughout history…

Civil Disobedience By Thoreau


Words: 711 (3 pages)

Philosophers, historians, authors, and politicians have spent centuriespondering the relationship between citizens and their government. It is aquestion that has as many considerations as there are forms of government and itis rarely answered satisfactorily. A relatively modern theorist, author HenryThoreau, introduced an idea of man as an individual, rather than a subject, bythoroughly describing the…

Rhetorical Analysis Civil Disobedience


Words: 425 (2 pages)

In “Civil Disobedience”, Thoreau skillfully uses syntax by hiding some facts within sentences, but making the statements based on his opinion. In the excerpt from “Civil Disobedience” he states that “Others- as most legislators, politicians, lancers, ministers, and office-holders- serve the state chiefly with their heads; and, as they rarely make any moral distinctions, they…

Civil Disobedience – An Overview


Words: 267 (2 pages)

It deals with some of the most basic problems that affect a society. One of them is Civil Disobedience. Civil Disobedience both a right and responsibility of a person to fight an unjust law. Government is given the right to control a group of people by the people composing the group. If an individual has…

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What is importance of obedience?
Obedience demonstrates our faith and trust in God; Obedience is the key to our success; Obedience is the sure and promised way for unlocking blessings for our lives. For us to be able to fully obey, we must read His word every day and ask God to empower us with His holy spirit so that our life is going to honour Him.
What is the concept of obedience?
Psychologists have typically defined obedience as a form of social influence elicited in response to direct orders from an authority figure. ... It is argued that such participants can still be understood as obedient if we consider the implicit demands of the system in which participants find themselves.
Why is obedience important in school?
In addition to self-preservation, obedience to school policies and procedures shows that you respect your peers and consider their personal safety to be of the utmost importance. Obedience also demonstrates you believe the education of your peers is vital to their future well-being.
Why is obedience important in society?
Obedience is a part of the foundation of society. Without obedience, naught would exist but chaos and anarchy. ... Obedience is detrimental when it can cause physical or mental anguish. If one is tasked with causing such pain to another person, disobedience in the form of insubordination is the choice that should be taken.

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