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Exercising your duty of care is also legal requirement, and is tested in court in the event off case of negligence or malpractice. Iii People have the right to expect that when a professional is providing support, they will be treated fairly, respect is given, they will be kept safe and not exposed to any unnecessary risks and not to be neglected. Having a duty of care towards people you work with is not unique to social care, this includes anyone from teacher to doctor.

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Thinking about the duty of care you owe to people is helpful when you are planning your day to day work in Health and Social industry It makes you consider whether what you’re planning to do is in the best interests of the person you are working with. This is not only about physical risks you also have a duty of care to treat people with dignity and respect and to treat the person as an individual.

TASK-B Case study There are many difficulties when exercising my duty of care and upholding Mrs. Mead’s right to choose.

Mrs. Aimed is well within her right to choose the foods she eats even if this conflicts her dietary needs. However I still have a duty of care towards Mrs. Aimed, would encourage Mrs. Aimed to eat more suitable odds and explain why and what foods would benefit her dietary needs. If Mrs. Aimed has the mental capacity to make decisions for herself, then I cannot refuse to get what she’s asked for in her shopping.

Bi There are many places I can go to for advice, information and support, including my manager medical professionals such as GAP and social care worker, You can speak to the individuals family but only with their consent and refer to your organizations policies and procedures. CASE TWO Bill There are many difficulties when exercising my duty care to Leon and upholding is rights, Leon has the right to make friends with whom he likes and to do what he wishes, he also has the right to make his own mistakes and to learn from them.

However my duty of care requires me to ensure that Leon is not hurt, disadvantaged or treated unfairly, Loon’s friend may have genuinely borrowed his games console, however he may of also taken advantage of Loon’s learning difficulties and taken the console under false pretences. BIB There are many places to go for advice including my manager, Loon’s family, a social care worker and community policing.

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