Levels of Communication Essay

Interpersonal communication is the process that we use to communicate our ideas, thoughts, and feelings to another person. Our interpersonal communication skills are learned behaviors that can be improved through knowledge, practice, feedback, and reflection. Interpersonal communication includes message sending and message reading between two or more individuals. Interpersonal communication can be conducted using both direct and indirect mediums of communication such as face-to-face interaction, as well as computer-mediated-communication.

Successful interpersonal communication assumes that both the message senders and the message receivers will interpret and understand the messages being sent on a level of understood meanings and implications.

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Levels of Communication
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Intrapersonal communication is also known as self-talk or thinking, and refers to the ways we communicate with ourselves. We use intrapersonal communication to plan our lives and tell ourselves what to do or not do. This implies individual reflection, design and self-explanation. Although successful communication is generally defined as being between two or more individuals.

PERSON TO GROUP COMMUNICATION- refers to the nature of communication that occurs in groups that are between 3 and 12 individuals.

Small group communication generally takes place in a context that mixes interpersonal communication interactions with social clustering. Mass communication is generally identified with tools of modern mass media including social media marketing, which includes: books, the press, cinema, television, radio, etc. It is a means of conveying messages to an entire populace.

Mass communication is a process of communication in a large group of people by the help of a medium. It is directed to large, anonymous, heterogeneous audiences also transmitted publically to reach audience simultaneously. Mediated Communication in this type of communication occurs when two or more people use same intermediate means for carrying their messages. They do not communicate face to face and thus do not have direct feedback mediated communication often uses a mechanical or electrical devices to transmit and receive messages.

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