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Adulthood Levels In Characters Essay, Research Paper

Adulthood degrees addition and lessening in characters in plants of literature and besides throughout one ’ s existent life. It ’ s hard for the adulthood degree of the individual to remain the same. Ron Jones ’ The Acorn People, The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens and The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh clearly show the grade of adulthood in characters in a work of literature. Ron Jones in The Acorn People shows a low adulthood degree when foremost geting at the summer cantonment, but subsequently his adulthood degree increased into a higher degree. Laura Wingfield ’ s character in The Glass Menagerie was highly diffident throughout most of the drama. By the terminal of the drama, Laura was able to keep a conversation with her old crush, Jim O ’ Connor. Sydney Carton of A Tale of Two Cities showed a rise is his adulthood degree when he took the topographic point of Charles Darnay in the prison cell so that Lucie ( Sydney ’ s true love ) would be able to be with her hubby. Aimee Thanatogenos of The Loved One … . A individual can be described as “ mature ” when he or she has grown physically and mentally, and has demonstrated the ability to be responsible for his/her actions. Whether it ’ s an addition or lessening of adulthood degree, a alteration in it ever shows a alteration in character and attitude.

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Ron Jones ’ adulthood degree rocketed after he became a cantonment counsellor at Camp Wiggin and he besides had a major attitude alteration along with that. Ron had placed himself in the cantonment counsellor place simply for a good-paying occupation. In college he was an jock, and playing with childs all twenty-four hours, swimming, and taking long hikings had besides drawn him to the occupation. Little did he cognize this session of cantonment, was for the disabled childs. Ron, along with the other counsellors, were non trained for these sorts of undertakings that they had to cover with, with the handicapped childs and by the terminal of the first afternoon- Ron wanted out. His attitude was negative towards the state of affairs he was put in and he felt that he would non be able to acquire close with these childs. The following twenty-four hours was better for him and throughout the following few yearss he decelerate

ly got to cognize and love the childs. Ron came to recognize that this cantonment was “a topographic point for kids and their outlooks and phantasies for life” ( 46 ) , no affair if they were handicapped or non. Ron Jones’ adulthood degree grew and grew each twenty-four hours as he worked with these childs. By the terminal of that session of cantonment he had a complete attitude alteration and his grade of adulthood had increased a great trade. That alteration for Ron Jones was a alteration merely for the good, merely as Laura Wingfield’s was.

The character of Laura Wingfield decidedly showed an obvious addition of adulthood degree in the drama, The Glass Menagerie. Laura was an highly diffident miss, it was a sort of illness she had. Her female parent sent her to Rubicam ’ s Business College in hopes that Laura would be able to keep a occupation and non hold to depend on a hubby. The category terrified her to the point of doing her physically ill so Laura stopped traveling to the category. She did non hold the adulthood degree of an grownup and was non able to manage a simple state of affairs such as that one. Another mark of a low adulthood degree was Laura ’ s aggregation of “ glass menagerie ” . A miss in her late 20 ’ s having a aggregation of glass menagerie is rather peculiar, and non really common, but Laura had one! Laura found out that there was to be a gentleman company one dark and she became highly nervous, but when she so found out this gentleman company was Jim O ’ Connor and old high-school crush she couldn ’ t manage it. She could hardly even open the door for Jim and Tom when they were seeking to come in the house. While Tom, Jim, and Amanda ate dinner together, Laura laid on the sofa because seeing her old crush made her feel ailment. Soon, after dinner, Jim joined Laura for a small conversation and which in the beginning she was improbably quiet but so loosened up to him. She began speaking and shortly plenty they kissed! Laura prosecuting in a conversation with her old crush showed a important addition in her adulthood degree. She did non swoon during it or go physically ill, and she even had some merriment with Jim. Laura ’ s adulthood degree went from minimal to about maximal in one dark and that is a great alteration.

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