Confusing for new immigrants

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She makes it clear that she believes now here are “New Worlds” around every corner. A big factor into this is all the immigrants who came over and meshed their new, different ways of life with the ones already set in place here. She believes that all the new diversity changed the USA into having it’s way of life made entirely of a mixture of many different ways of life. Question 3: Jean States that “to come to America is to be greatly disoriented for many a day’ Why does she believe this country is so confusing for new immigrants? Explain.

Jean is right when she expressed that coming to America leaves most foreigners completely disoriented, more so than other cultures would. She believes this country to be so confusing because our culture in the Unite States is mostly created for a mixture of many different societies and cultures from around the would. When Jean says, “Everywhere has a somewhere else around the corner,” she is explaining how diversified our culture is here in the United States, and while diversity is a great thing, it also is confusing for an immigrant trying to learn the way of life.

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The hardship in immigrants trying to adapt to the single way of life in America is that there is no single way of life here. 2. Questions 8-10 from Of Plymouth Plantation 8. What does “The Starving Time” convey about the Puritans’ attitudes toward suffering and self -sacrifice? The Starving Time shows that the Puritans’ believed suffering and self-sacrifice was a necessary thing in order to be a good person and ultimately be successful. I nee Delve teen owed It to tenet go Ana would De aware Tort long so. 9.

How might the Puritans’ experience be similar to the experiences of contemporary refugees or pioneers? The puritans experience would be similar to that of contemporary refugees or pioneers in the sense that when they arrived at Cape Cod they were forced to fend or themselves and were not always welcomed with open arms of people willing to take care of them. 10. Write down three of Bradford sentences that contain plain style, such as everyday language and direct statements. Recast these sentences into plain, modern prose. How did your changes affect the sound of the sentences? “But that which was most sad and lamentable was, in that in two or three months’ time half of their company died, especially in January and February, being the depth of winter. ” * The saddest part was the in two months half of the pilgrims died, mostly in January and February since it was the middle of winter. “After they had enjoyed fair winds and weather for a season, they were encountered many times with crosswinds and met with many fierce storms with which the ship was shrouded shaken, and her upper works made very leaky. * After having good weather for a while they began to find themselves in storms that damaged the ship making parts of it leaky. * “But in examining of all opinions, the master and others affirmed they knew the ship to be strong and firm underwater” * After thing about all the opinions the master and others decided the ship was strong on the water. My changes to the sentences make them sound shorter and more to the point. They are more blatant and clear than in the author’s writing. Who Do You Think You Are?

The first person to come to America in my family was my mom’s great grandfather John Dudes. John Dudes came to Ellis Island by boat all the way from Calamari, Italy. Coming as a young man, my great-great grandfather lived with a family he had met on the ride over to America for a few years before meeting my great-great grandmother Nancy and marrying her. They gave birth to my great grandfather, Ernest Dudes and soon after moved to Pennsylvania where the next few generations were born and raised, including my mom.

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