Ending the Discrimination Against Immigrants 

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Immigration has been a topic that has been argued about since the mid 1960’s, and has recently rose to the attention of many through social media, live television debates, and even countless news stories from people who have managed to cross the border. Although, at this point most of the public should be accustomed to hearing of this topic, since it’s become so well known, but sadly many Americans still view foreigners immigrating to the United States as a negative impact on the country. We’ve all heard the infamous quotes such as for example, one of the most popular, “They’re stealing our jobs” and the constant “If they weren’t born here, they don’t belong here.”

Even the current leader of our country has spoken negatively on immigration, going as far as saying in a live speech, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” he then later went on to say, in the same speech in front of an enormous audience. “They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some I assume are good people.” Sad to say that many people believe all of this, but how much of it is really true and what could we do to end the discrimination against aliens?

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Considering the fact that nearly every plan the government has attempted as of recently has done virtually nothing (other than bring power to crime organizations that have completely altered a relatively moderate problem into an issue that has taken the country by storm and separating the U.S. once again) perhaps it is time to face reality. As stated in the article ‘Illegal Immigration: Myths, Half-Truths and a Hole In Trump’s Wall; Even if you wanted to, sealing off the Mexican border is impossible’ written by Kurt Eichenwald, “The only system that ever proved effective in dealing with Mexican nationals wanting to come to America for work was the one abandoned in 1964, when some were given residence and others received temporary visas.” In that case contrary to what is also stated in Arian Campo-Flores’ article ‘Don’t Fence Them In’, perhaps it’s time to look back to the past for answers in order to move forward into the future to better understand one another instead of being separated by hatred and ignorance.

Despite the popular belief that immigrants are troublesome lawbreakers who steal jobs, it is in fact proven that these “illegals” commit far fewer crimes per capita than lesser educated, native-born Americans (Kurt Eichenwald). Also immigrants are not just taking jobs, but creating jobs for many Americans in need. As many forget these illegal immigrants aren’t just here in the United States because they’re simply bored, but because they are looking to start a new life and willing to put everything, including their lives, on the line to live what many call the “American Dream”.

Although, due to the aggressive enforcement of U.S Immigration laws this has put many dreamers in extreme danger and has given rise to an organized crime system that smuggles people across the border, in many cases even going as far as subjecting them to rape, kidnapping, and even murder. Coyotajes and drug cartels created a business out of this issue and charge anywhere from $500-$3,000 to those who seek their help in crossing to the other side, and even go as far as paying a much higher price– the risk of death for the people entering the United States illegally. There are countless stories from victims that have reported not just suffering from the rays of the boiling sun up above and being weakened from dehydration, but have survived every nightmare that came between them and their dream.

There are thousands of people from all ages that have suffered so much just to be reunited with family or start a new life, although their struggles don’t just end after they make it over the border. In addition, many people also refuse to understand the whole process of gaining citizenship and the fear of deportation. This fear also adds yet another struggle for many families, even going as far as keeping them from being able to work in many cases or acquire underpaying jobs. In ‘The Decentralization of Immigration Enforcement and Implications for Agriculture’, written by Cesar L. Escalante, Genti Kostandini and Elton Mykerezi it states, “Anecdotal evidence establishes that undocumented farm workers are often underpaid.”

It truly is sad to say that despite these facts Mexican immigrants are still looked down upon by many businesses and receive prejudicial treatment. As for the most famous idea that is supposed to solve everything by magically building a wall over mountains, lakes, and rivers- that will indeed be costing the U.S. a large amount of money for something that will truly be unsuccessful. Spending money on a wall on the borders is about as good as throwing money down the toilet. Smugglers are not going to simply give up on a $6,000,000,000+ business, but will instead find any way around the problem, doing anything from resorting to boats and charging more or even going as far as to bribing border patrol guards.

It is time to put all negativity aside and understand that immigrants are not all criminals who are here to steal jobs, but are overall just people willing to do anything to provide a better life for their families. It is time to realize that we are all equal and we all deserve a chance at success. It is time to understand that not everyone who enters the country is here to cause harm. And most of all it is time to put an end to the hostility that has taken over this country, and realize that there is no need to fear or even look down upon the aliens that risk their lives for the sake of their loved ones. In order to succeed, everyone has to realize and accept the fact that there are people entering the country and support those who are actually wanting to gain citizenship (a process that has become increasingly difficult since the original plan that ended in 1964).

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