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Madam Tussaud’s Museum

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To be immortalized everlastingly in wax you don ’ t need to be a Queen or a politician, you merely necessitate to be a famous person with a drawing power.

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Madam Tussaud’s Museum
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In fact, there is a great figure of wax plants exhibitions in our county and abroad. Wax personalities attract 1000000s of visitants all over the universe. It ’ s an unfastened secret that a multinational entertaining company Tussaud ’ s Group is at the top of the list.

During my summer trip to St.

Petersburg I besides visited some wax – works exhibitions. Two of them were truly absorbing and deserving visual perception. But I was besides defeated to detect that there is excessively much hackwork at this field. All this aroused my peculiar involvement in wax sculpture and made me look into the capable deeper. The purpose of my work is to research the history of the affair, to uncover the facts of Madame Tussaud ’ s life and to follow the development of Wax Works Museum into the universe ’ s biggest entertaining Centre Tussaud ’ s Group.

This written work can be used at English lessons and universe art lessons, every bit good as at excess curricular, devoted to great personalities. I ’ m certain it will assist to broaden the pupil ’ s outwork.

How It All Began

First it was a living newspaper, so a History text edition, London ’ s see card, a film theater, a eating house and even a planetarium. Today Madame Tussaud ’ s Wax Works Museum is the most visited tourer attractive force in the universe. Its laminitis, Madame Tussaud is considered to be the first concern lady in the universe ’ s history and is called a grandma of modern show – concern.

At the beginning of the 17thcentury Europe was captured by manner on wax portrayal sculptures. Although thy were non so long – life and tough as those made of marble and bronze, they were at greater demand as more realistic and cheaper. And it made them available non merely for merchandisers and blue bloods but for the common citizens every bit good. And they wanted to stay in their grandchildren ’ s memories.

Madame Tussaud and Her Museum

The narrative of Madame Tussaud is every bit absorbing as that of the exhibition itself. Two things of her life are particularly notable. First, she spent her early old ages during the Gallic Revolution and came to run into many of the characters involved. Second, and possibly more remarkably, she succeeded in concern at clip when adult females were seldom involved in the universe of commercialism.

Madame Tussaud was born in Strasbourg in 1761 and christened Marie Grosholtz. Her male parent, a soldier, was killed in a conflict during the Seven Years War merely two months before Marie ’ s birth. Her female parent was a housekeeper for Dr. Philippe Curtius, a skilled wax sculpturer. From the earliest childhood Marie learnt patterning techniques with Dr. Curtius. Just before the Gallic Revolution they moved to Paris.

At that clip Marie ’ s endowment became evident and he was invited to the royal tribunal to help in the artistic instruction of the King Loui XVI ’ s sister, Madame Elizabeth. Life in Versallies was graphic contrast to Marie ’ s pervious being. The capital became a centre helter-skelter activity ; no 1 was safe, and at one clip both Marie and her female parent were imprisoned. But they were non executed, and cipher knew why. Long before Marie was asked to fix the decease masks of many of her former employers after they had been executed – among them Marie Antoinette, Lois XVI, Jean Paul Marat, the philosopher and radical. This portrayal, along with many others modelled by Marie, is still on show today.

In 1794 Cutius died, and Marie inherited the concern, which was grown under her influence. In the undermentioned twelvemonth she married a Gallic applied scientist, Francois Tussaud, and gave birth to three kids: a girl, who died, and two boies.

France was still enduring, tremendous want, and Marie ’ s exhibiton was fighting to last. In 1802 Marie made a monumental determination. She would go forth her hubby and her babe boy, Francis, in Paris, while she and her senior boy, Joseph, would tour to the exhibition round the British Isles.

Marie was to see neither France nor her hubby once more. She spent the following 33 old ages going around the British Isles, exhibiting her turning aggregation of figures to herd of funny and intrigued witnesss. Joseph ( her senior boy ) accompanied her, taking a acute involvement in the trade of doing wax figures Soon his brother Francis joined them.

In the yearss before telecasting, film and wireless Madame Tussaud ’ s figures ere esthesis. Week after hebdomad the figures of Lord Byron, the slayings Burke and Hare, King George IV, Queen Carline of Brunswik, Shakespeare and the decease mask of Emperor Napoleon – among many others – were packed and unpacked to be shown to an look up toing populace.

The travels ended in 1835, when Madame Tussaud ’ s exhibition found a lasting place. It was in London, non far from today ’ s exhibition.

Another interesting development of the period was the constitution of what was to go the Chamber of Horrors. Madame Tussaud ’ s aggregation of the victims and culprits of violent penalty and slayings and reprobates was an unquestionable success.

Madame Tussaud was actively involved in the exhibition about to the terminal of her life. This would be a singular effort even now, and was peculiarly unusual for a adult female in the 19thcentury. In April 1850, at the age of 89, she died. Her concluding work – a singular ego – portrait patterning eight old ages before her decease – can still be seen today.

There are some interesting facts about her museum. In 1925 an electrical mistake sparked a fire, which, despite the attempts of Madame Tussaud ’ s ain firemans and the London Fire Brigade, shortly raged out of the control. Many of the figures were destroyed. But in 1928 the inside had been reconstructed, this clip with the add-on of a film and eating house.

With the eruption of the Second World War, in 1939, all of Britain was threatened by enemy action – non least London. During the dark of the 8thof September 1940, Madame Tussaud ’ s was struck by a heavy bomb, which inflicted important harm. Some 352 caput molds were damaged beyond fix and the film was wholly destroyed – although, gratefully, no lives were lost. In December of that same twelvemonth the exhibition once more opened its doors to the populace.

And now I ’ vitamin Ds like to brood upon some studio secrets of Madame Tussaud ’ s Museum.

Studio Secrets

Modeling methods at Madame Tussaud ’ s have non changed in 200 old ages. Once a individual has been chosen, the firs measure is to roll up preliminary information – imperativeness exposure and articles if the topic is alive, portrayals in other media and lifes if dead. Then it must be decided in which portion of the exhibition the figure is to be placed, what the airs it should be and its relationship to other wax portrayals.

The sculpturer is usually given a sitting with the topic when elaborate exposure are taken, hair and eyes are matched and apparels noted. The sculpturer non merely takes precire measurings, such as dimensions of ears and anterior nariss, but besides has the chance to detect the character and personality of the topic, which will be conveyed as modeling advancements.

Sittings normally take topographic point at Madame Tussaud ’ s studious although, on juncture, the sculpturer will see the topic. Nelson Mandela gave a posing at the Post House Hotel near Heathrow Airport, during a busy agenda which included a telecasting interview. He subsequently visited Madame Tussaud ’ s with the late ANC leader Oliver Tambo to unveil the figure.

Sylvester Stallone ’ s sitting was as the MGM Studious in Holywood, and he presented Madam Tussaud ’ s with his ain full set of flushing apparels.

Madame Tussaud ’ s sculpturers ne’er take life dramatis personaes. Handss, nevertheless, are on a regular basis moulded from life and dramatis personae in wax.

It takes about six months to finish a figure, most of which is spent on the portrayal caput. Working from the mention stuff acquired at the posing, the sculpturer begins by patterning the caput in clay. At this phase the hair is besides sculpted, but this will subsequently be replaced by existent hair. Despite the extended usage of careful measurings, a great trade of prowess is required to accomplish a realistic portrayal. The organic structure is built up in clay on to an armature.

When the sculpturer is happy with the clay theoretical account, a mold of about 12 separate pieces is taken from the caput. After punctilious cleansing, the saturated, warm plaster caput mold is filled with liquefied wax. When a sufficient thickness has solidified, the still liquefied Centre is poured off. The caput mold is made of a plaster of sufficient quality and fittingness to reproduce precisely the surface of the clay, and can be used several times. The plaster pieces are removed from the caput, and the wax dramatis personae is allowed to chill easy, wrapped in fabric.

Entertaining and Amazing Peoples

Figures are made 2 % bigger than existent life because wax psychiatrists. The wax used for the figures is similar to candle wax. In the more thrifty yesteryear, wax figures were melted down and re – used, but this is no longer the instance as the colour of the wax deteriorates when recycled. Each figure weights about 15 kilogram – with 4.5 kilograms of wax used for the caput and 1.4 kilogram for the custodies.

Over 150 precise measurings are taken to make an accurate portrayal. Each hair is to be separately inserted, taking about five hebdomads.

All the figures on a regular basis have their hair washed and styled like anyone else would at a hairstylist ’ s. By the manner, all critical statistics are accurate and kept under lock and cardinal by Madame Tussaud ’ s. Despite repeated petitions from the imperativeness, this information is ne’er disclosed.

The characters who move and speak are modelled in clay foremost of wholly, like the normal portrayals, but the caput is made in Si gum elastic which allows motion.

A interpreter for Madame Tussaud ’ s says work forces and adult females like different figures. The figure most photographed by work forces is Naomi Campbell, and the most photographed by adult females is Brad Pitt.

However, the attending from the public International Relations and Security Network ’ t ever friendly – for case, Hitler had to be put behind in the Chamber of Horrors because people couldn ’ t halt mistreating him. By the manner, research by Madame Tussaud ’ s has revealed that adult females are stronger than work forces. In a recent survey they discovered that Chamber of Horrors is twice as popular among adult females as among work forces!

Developing Business

Ringing in the alterations

Since it opened in 1835 Madame Tussauds has invariably worked to present new attractive forces over the old ages.

One of the most recent alterations has seen the outstanding shows of dad vocalists, Television stars and film icons replacing the traditional royals, historical figures and politicians.

Customer demands

Customer feedback has dictated the recent alterations as visitants no longer expressed an involvement in seeing work forces in suits anticipating to see alternatively current famous persons and Washington

nting synergistic exhibitions.

The royals have n’t been replaced wholly you can still see the Queen but alternatively of seeing her from behind a rope you can hold a royal audience escorted by guardsmen.

The UK ‘s top personality

7Sir Elton John has been unveiled as the UK ‘s favorite personality and dramatis personae in cocoa! A life size chocolate figure of Sir Elton has been made to observe Cadbury ‘s Centenary.

Peoples had the opportunity to vote from a top 10 list that consisted of:

• five Television personalities ( Cat Deeley, Denise Van Outen, Jonathan Ross, Ricky Gervais and Sharon Osbourne )

• three athleticss personalities ( David Beckham, Denise Lewis and Paula Radcliffe )

• two vocalists ( Sir Elton John and Will Young )

The figure which weighs 126kgs can be viewed in Madame Tussaud ’ s until Autumn in a particular collapsible shelter that stops it from runing.

Popular British civilization

You can acquire up near and personal with famous persons like Simon Cowell made celebrated by UK world Television show ‘Pop Idol ‘ you can seek to affect him with your vocal endowments and so listen to his remarks.

The system you sing into Tells how in melody you are and dictates his remarks from his hallmark put downs to the really rare congratulations.

Pop and film stars

If you want more than Television personalities you can rub shoulders or thoraxs with the pick of Hollywood, Brad Pitt. You can stroke his Si thorax – it may be the closest you of all time acquire to making it. Or if you would instead you can dance with dad princess Britney Spears and her backup terpsichoreans while Britney is all wax the terpsichoreans are existent making a alone experience.

How much do they be?

Beyonce Knowles, vocalist with the miss group Destiny ’ s Child, was mmortalized in 2004 at a cost of £ 52,000 complete in the orange and tap Versace frock she wore in her music picture ‘ Crazy in love ’ as portion of the Diva ’ s exhibition.

The synergistic characteristics and famous person wax plants are assisting Madame Tussauds remain a universe celebrated tourer attractive force that famous persons want to be portion of and people want to see.


And now I ’ vitamin Ds like to show the full history of Madame Tussaud ’ s in brief.

FRANCE, 1770-1802

Through endowment and finding, a immature miss named Marie Grosholz came to be numbered among the most celebrated of English establishments.

1761 – Marie Grosholz, subsequently known as Madame Tussaud, is born in Strasbourg.

1770 – Marie ‘s female parent ‘s employer, a physician called Philippe Curtius, opens an exhibition of lifesize wax figures at the Palais Royale in Paris. Marie learns the art of wax patterning from him.

1777 – Marie theoretical accounts the celebrated writer and philosopher, Francois-Marie Arouet Voltaire.

1780 – Marie becomes art coach to King Louis XVI ‘s sister and goes to populate at the royal tribunal in Versailles.

1789 – The eruption of the Gallic Revolution. – Marie returns to Paris, subsequently assisting Curtius to model the caputs of some of the closure by compartment ‘s victims – among them her Versailles familiarities.

ENGLAND – Travel Time period, 1802-35

1794 – Marie Grosholz inherits Curtius ‘s aggregation of figures.

1795 – She marries Fran ç ois Tussaud, an applied scientist, but leaves him eight old ages subsequently to convey the aggregation on a circuit of the British Isles.


For the following 33 old ages, she lives the exhausting and unstable life of a going showman, traveling from town to town with her trains, organizing advertisement, and promoting newspaper anecdotes, or organizing charity benefits to convey in utile frequenters.

She suffers shipwreck in the Irish Sea, and fire during the Bristol Riots of 1831. Yet, throughout the traveling old ages, new figures are invariably introduced.

1835 – Madame Tussaud ’ s settees into a lasting place in The Bazaar, Baker Street, London.

“ Visitors come ining the Bazaar from Baker Street proceed to a barroom amply decorated with mirrored embroideries. Here sits an elderly lady, with an speech pattern which proclaims her Gallic beginnings. Were she motionless, you would take her for a piece of bittersweet. This is Madame Tussaud, a lady who is in herself an Exhibition. ” [ from an 1842 guidebook ]

1846 – Punch Magazine coins the name “ Chamber of Horrors ” for Madame Tussaud ’ s separate room where ghastly relics of the Gallic Revolution are displayed.

1850 – Madame Tussaud dies. In her old age, supported by two boies, she had achieved great success. She had resisted a U.S. buy-out, her memoirs had been published, and her portrayal was painted by a tribunal painter. She had been immortalised by Dickens ( as Mrs Jarley ) and caricatured by Cruikshank.


1884 – Madame Tussaud ’ s grandson, Joseph Randall, directs the move to the present site in Marylebone Road.

FIRE & A ; RE-BUILDING 1925-28

1925 – Fire guts the whole edifice, destructing non merely about all the wax figures and their costumes, but invaluable trappingss, pictures and relics excessively.

Fortunately, many of the old caput molds were saved, and from these the Exhibition was rebuilt, opening 3 old ages subsequently with the add-on of a big Cinema and Restaurant.


1940 – A German bomb destroys the Cinema. Ironically, the figure of Hitler is one of the few figures to last unharmed.

1958 – Madame Tussaud ’ s opens the Commonwealth ‘s first Planetarium on the site of the old film.

1971 – A new Madame Tussaud ’ s opens its doors in the Kalverstraat, Amsterdam, returning to the continent for the first clip since 1817.

1981 – Madame Tussaud ’ s Amsterdam expands their aggregation and moves to famed Dam Square right in the bosom of the metropolis.

1993 – The Spirit of London, a dramatic animatronic drive, arrives at Madame Tussaud ’ s.

1995 – The London Planetarium is re-opened after a £ 4.5 million renovation, including the installing of the world-leading Digistar II Star Projector.

1996 – A bigger, better, more cooling than of all time Chamber of Horrors is opened at Madame Tussaud ’ s, London.

1999 – Madame Tussaud ’ s clears in Las Vegas having American aces and Hollywood fables.

2000 – Madame Tussaud ’ s New York opens, having the metropolis ‘s ‘Movers and Shakers ‘ , alongside a whole universe of stars. Madame Tussaud ’ s clears in Hong Kong having over 100 wax figures of internationally-known personalities and local famous persons

2002 – Madame Tussaud ’ s starts to present exciting new synergistic attractive forces where invitees get to experience what it is like to be celebrated. In the ‘ Goal! ’ attractive force guests measure into the minute when David Beckham prepares to take the 93rd infinitesimal free boot that leads England into the World Cup – his figure is created with a beating bosom.

After a posing at Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II ’ s 22nd figure is created for a Golden Jubilee attractive force at Madame Tussaud ’ s. The ropes environing the Royal Family are taken off everlastingly as invitees are invited to hold a personal ‘ Audience with The Queen. ’

2003 – Tussaud ’ s collaborates with Disney to make a Treasure Planetarium attractive force, and with Universal Pictures to make The Hulk attractive force. The Chamber-Live! gives a new injection of fright to the Chamber Of Horrors.

2004 – More new synergistic attractive forces open ; In ‘ Divas ’ , starring Beyonce, Britney and Kylie, invitees are taught dance moves and execute on phase with feedback on their public presentation from Beyonce via picture nexus.

‘ Bollywood for Beginners ’ opens with the new figure of Aishwariya Rai and invitees get to execute in a scene from the movie ‘ Bride & A ; Predjudice ’ . ‘ Marry me George ’ sees invitees acquiring the opportunity to hold a dinner day of the month with Mr Clooney and seeking out their best chat-up lines – they are rewarded with either diamond battle ring or the measure for dinner!

2005 – Madame Tussaud ’ s gets swaying with a new show ‘ Air Guitar Star ’ starring The Darkness ’ Justin Hawkins. Guests are taught air guitar moves and conflict it out to go the top Rock God!

Guests are invited to seek and set a scintillation in the oculus of the new Robbie Williams figure, made because the old figure was literally ‘ worn out ’ from the over-attention of eager fans!


In decision I ’ vitamin Ds like to state that working at my study I discovered a batch of amazing inside informations about the past and nowadays of the museum. It was interesting to larn about opening the Planetarium, traveling images and animatronic drive “ The Spirit of London ” . I could barely conceive of that there are even talking wax figures and that visitants can freely interact with them – dance, sing, drama and what non! I was besides impressed reading about Studio Secrets ; the procedure of doing wax sculpture is a existent art! And can you conceive of that each hair is inserted separately and it takes five hebdomads? And of class it was a surprise for me to follow fantastic alterations and how the museum bit by bit turned into a great international composite Tussaud ’ s Group!

I can ’ T but say I extremely appreciate Marie Grosholz, or Madame Tussaud. I admire this talented strong, brave and enthusiastic concern lady. I ’ thousand sure her life and the history of the Museum can function a superb illustration for concern people how to develop and spread out one ’ s concern. And without any uncertainties she would be proud to see the antic alterations of her creative activity!

My study is supported with a picture “ Madame Tussaud ’ s Museum ” , which was truly helpful. I got a graphic image of the Museum and watched the procedure of wax figure – doing in a mold studio, as if I have visited it myself.

I wish I could drop in a scarey Chamber of Horrors, or come to a life size chocolate figure of Sir Elton John and smell it! And it would be nice to watch David Beckham taking his free boot and listen to his crushing bosom!

I wonder if there is wax Marilyn Manson at that place. It would be great!


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How It All Began

Madam Tussaud ’ s and Her Museum

Studio Secrets

Entertaining and Amazing Peoples

Developing Business




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