Malcolm X A Comparison Research Paper Essay

Malcolm Ten: A Comparison Essay, Research Paper

When comparing and contrasting films and books, the bulk of the clip the book presents more of a elaborate ambiance and illustration of events. However, in this instance I think the book, & # 8220 ; Autobiography of Malcolm X and the film, Malcolm X quoin side with one another.

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Malcolm X A Comparison Research Paper
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Spike Lee is non merely one of the best film makers in America, but one of the most crucially of import, because his movies address the cardinal topic of race, as so does the book.

He doesn & # 8217 ; t use a sentimental attack or political work, but shows how his characters live, and why. Alex Haley word picture of Malcolm X life as told to him by Malcolm, portions the same perceptual experience as the film, but what Alex provides in the book seems to be about or all Malcolm s different interactions with white folks, and each interaction Malcolm gained something from it & # 8211 ; whether it was positive or negative & # 8211 ; and that is one of the things that attracted me to his life narrative.

During that phase of his life, in the late fortiess, he was known as & # 8220 ; Detroit Red, & # 8221 ; and ran with a fast crowd & # 8211 ; including white adult females who joined him for sex and burglaries. Arrested and convicted, he was sentenced to prison ; the film quotes him that he got one twelvemonth for the burglaries and seven old ages for tie ining with white adult females while perpetrating them, as so does the book. Prison was the best thing that happened to Red, who fell into the orbit of the Black Muslim motion of Elijah Muhammad and learned dignity.

The film so follows Malcolm as he sheds his last name & # 8211 ; the bequest, the Muslims preached, of slave proprietors & # 8211 ; and becomes a street-corner P

reacher who rapidly rises until he is the a figure caput in the Black Muslims, learning that Whites are the Satan and that inkinesss must go independent and self-sufficing. During a pilgrim’s journey to Mecca, he was embraced by Muslims of many colourss and returned to America convinced that there were good people of peace in all races. Not long after, in 1965, he was assassinated – likely by members of the Muslim religious order he had broken with. Denzel Washington stands at the centre of the movie. He ne’er seems to be seeking for an consequence, and yet he is ever converting. Denzel captures the life of a civil rights leader Malcolm X, from his condemnable activity to his rise in power under the Nation of Islam. Not merely does Denzel show his address, his policies and his personal appeal.

The film and book tells the life narrative of an interesting and of import adult male. As a sociological survey, it provides absorbing penetrations into ghetto life and the ways which one adult male learned to last in the ghetto. As a spiritual work & # 8211 ; which is possibly the manner Malcolm intended the book to be read & # 8211 ; it tells of his battle to happen his God. Yet it is as a political work that the book instead than the film has had its strongest impact. Through his narrative, Malcolm has continued to exercise great influence over the assorted black extremist political motions since his decease.

Spike Lee & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; Malcolm X & # 8221 ; is one of the great screen lifes, Watching the movie, I understood more clearly how we do hold the power to alter our ain lives, how fate doesn & # 8217 ; t cover all of the cards. The movie is inspirational and educational & # 8211 ; and it is besides entertaining, as films must be before they can be anything else.

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