Malcolm X Research Paper Malcolm X 2 Essay

Malcolm X Essay, Research Paper

Malcolm X, a character for contending for the rights of the inkinesss and seeking to protect the Civil Rights of inkinesss. But before he became the well-respected adult male that he is he was a stealer and drug user. I believe he felt that he more than fulfilled his responsibilities as a Negro as of what was expected of them back so. He ended up acquiring caught stealing from a rich white adult male. He was sentenced for 10 old ages. I considered this the terminal of the first phase that Malcolm X s life. The 2nd phase starts off when he meets a adult male in gaol who confronts him and starts prophesying to Malcolm about the Honorable Eligah Mohammed. He starts stating Malcolm about the white adult males toxicant and the deficiency of the black adult males instruction. Then he tells Malcolm to get down reading the lexicon and compose down definitions to all the words. When he got out of prison he went to travel see the Honorable Eligah Mohammed. Mohammed told him about his beliefs and Malcolm started prophesying exterior on the streets to anyone that he could acquire to listen. As clip went on his crowd of people grew until he was the most known sermonizer of the Honorable Eligah Mohammed. The corporation that backed Mohammed nevertheless thought that Malcolm was acquiring to much power and was traveling to go a menace to Mohammed. Mohammed nevertheless disagreed and thought Malcolm was what they needed to acquire the word out. Malcolm so went on a trip to see Muslims. When he got at that place he was respected by many for what he was seeking to make. He learned there that people are p

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Malcolm X Research Paper Malcolm X 2
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eople non inkinesss or Whites or any other colour for that affair. He drunk from the same cup as a white adult male and he ate off the same home base as a white adult male. This changed how he looked at people and how he felt about the Honorable Eligah Mohammed and his belief. Recognizing that the inkinesss and Whites should populate together non segregated this made him excel his 2nd phase of life.

Malcolm X s 3rd phase is when he tries to prophesy what he learned by the Muslims. Leaving behind most of what he used to prophesy he went out to prophesy his new belief with few followings who supported him at foremost. Taking menaces and penalty on himself and his household Malcolm X continued to endeavor towards his end willing to give himself for the well existences of his brothers and that is the 3rd and concluding phase. I believe his life before his apprehension was the most of import portion of Malcolm & # 8217 ; s life. I believe this because if Malcolm were born rich he would hold ne’er got a gustatory sensation of how life for the mean black was. Being hapless and holding to work difficult labour helped Malcolm see what life was and gave him first manus experience on the topic in which I believe gave him the ability to talk freely and on inherent aptitude. I believe Malcolm X would see U.S.A. in 1998 as a winning conflict for the African Americans. I believe he would still object for the leting of the KKK organisation to remain active. Even though they have freedom of address he would see it as a wall that will non let the U.S.A. to go a whole until this organisation is rid of.

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