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Marijuana Research Paper Marijuana In this Essay

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Marijuana Essay, Research Paper


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Marijuana Research Paper Marijuana In this
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In this study I will demo you my positions on Marijuana, if it should be legal, for medical and/or recreational intents.

Marijuana has many names: Pot, Marihuana, Ganja, Pot, Mary Jane, Cannabis Sativa ( Scientific ) to call a few Marijuana originated in the in-between E ( Taiwan, Korea ) . China plays an of import portion in Marijuana & # 8217 ; s history. Hoatho, the first Chinese doctor to utilize Cannabis for medical intents as a analgesic and anaesthetic for surgery. In the Ninth Century BC, it was used as an incense by the Assyrians Herbal, a Chinese book of medical specialty from the 2nd Century BC, was foremost to depict it in print.

It was used as an anaesthetic 5,000 old ages ago in ancient China. Many ancient civilizations such as the Persians, Greeks, East Indians, Romans, and the Assyrians for many things. These were what they used it for: the control of musculus cramps, decrease of hurting, and for dyspepsia. Imagine that if they still practiced this, alternatively of taking an Alka Seltzer after you had mom & # 8217 ; s Chili or Tacos, you might be sitting in the life room on the LAY-Z Boy, smoking a joint or nevertheless they would take it.

The folk medical specialty of Africa and Asia have used it as an herbal readying. A & # 8220 ; fabulous & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; legendary & # 8221 ; druggist and emperor Shen Nung thought utilizing it as a depressant was all right. In 2,700 BC that same & # 8220 ; fabulous & # 8221 ; emperor said it helped female failing, urarthritis, rheumatism, malaria, beri-beri, irregularity, and absentmindedness.

In 1979 ( AD, ) Carlton E. Turner visited China and found marihuanas was non in usage in formal medical topographic points. J. D. P. Graham of the Welsh National School of Medicine wrote, & # 8220 ; One non necessitate take to earnestly the anecdotal usage of it & # 8217 ; s utilize for many intents in China or by the Hindus in the pre-Christian Millennia & # 8230 ; and by the Arabs! & # 8221 ; In 1890 in England & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; Lancet & # 8221 ; said cannabis infusion was good for neuralgy, tantrums, megrim and psychosomatic upsets but non for arthritic conditions. It is non easy to state the dose because of the fluctuations in authority and the abnormality in soaking up. The clip hold before the oncoming of the possible effects of marihuana lowered it & # 8217 ; s popularity as a medical specialty as did the debut of a assortment of new and better medical specialties like acetylsalicylic acid, morphia ( habit forming ) , chloral, barbiturates tranquillizers, and when it got on the list of drugs thought by the universe community to necessitate legal limitations.

Our first President, George Washington, grew hemp on his plantation. The hemp he grew was more hempen and is better known as hemp. Hemp was used to do rope, string, paper and canvas ( the word & # 8220 ; canvas & # 8221 ; comes from Cannabis ) and was an of import harvest in the American settlements. In Jamestown, Virginia it was grown for it & # 8217 ; s fiber qualities in 1611. ( Snyder, 1985 ) The U.S. Pharmacopoeia had it listed as a utile medical specialty from the twelvemonth 1870 to 1941. A Pharmacopoeia is & # 8220 ; a book of waies and demands for the readyings of medical specialties, by and large published by an authorization ; a aggregation or stock of drugs. This tells us the U.S. Pharmacopoeia was an authorization on the usage of drugs for medical intents, and said that the usage of marihuana for said intents was helpful. The U.S. Pharmacopoeia last listed hemp ( & # 8221 ; the dried flower tops of the pistillate workss of hemp sativa & # 8221 ; ) in 1936. ( Lovinge,1985, p434 ) That old ages epitome of the pharmacopoeia and the national expression described the drug for doctors therefore a narcotic toxicant, bring forthing a mild craze. Used in ataractic mixtures but of dubious value. Besides employed to colourise maize redresss. The following pharmacopoeia released in 1942 ( I gather they were released every six old ages ) did non hold hemps sativa in it. & # 8220 ; The 1937 U.S. dispensary said, & # 8220 ; Cannabis is used in medical specialty to alleviate hurting, promote slumber, and to comfort restlessness. We have really small definite cognition of the effects of curative measures, but in some individuals it appears to bring forth a euphory and will frequently alleviate megrim concerns. One of the great hinderances to the wider usage of this drug is the great variableness and the authority of different samples of Cannabis which renders it impossible to come close the proper dosage of any single sample except by clinical test. Because of occasional unpleasant symptoms from remarkably powerful readyings, doctors have by and large been overcautious in the measures administered. The lone manner of finding the dosage of an single readying is to give it in go uping measures until some consequence is produced. & # 8221 ; ( The Book suggested utilizing a fluid infusion & # 8211 ; powdered hemp in solution, 4/5 intoxicant & # 8211 ; three times a twenty-four hours, get downing with two or three minims. ) ( Lovinge,1985, p434 )

Infusions, tinctures, and herbal bundles of hemp manufactured by many drug companies, was available in any pharmaceutics until 1941 when & # 8220 ; The two mom

in professional directories of drugs in the United States” dropped it. ( Snyder 1985, p38 ) It is still used as a medical specialty in the Middle East and Asia, and is wholly legal in Amsterdam. Since the nineteenth Century, it has been recognized as as alcohol in Europe, and an alcohol for many centuries in Central and South America, and in Asia. “An 1870 Book called “The Hashish Eater” by Fitz Hugh Hudlow, discussed the intoxicating belongingss of marijuana.” ( Snyder,1985, p39 ) Mexican farm workers emigrating to the United States smoked marihuanas on a regular basis, and the environing population…” rapidly followed.

California and Utah were the first to name it a narcotic and outlawed it wholly except for mecial intents. & # 8220 ; From 1914 to 1931, 29 States, 17 of them West of the Mississippi made it a condemnable discourtesy to possess or utilize it. & # 8221 ; ( Snyder,1985, p40 ) An army study from 1925 refering the Panama Canal Zone said it wasn t wont forming and no stairss should be taken to maintain it from being sold or used. The Uniform States Narcotic Act said all provinces should command drug distribution. & # 8220 ; By 1937 marihuana usage was restricted by jurisprudence & # 8221 ; ( Snyder,1985, p42 ) and the Marijuana Tax Act was signed by President Roosevelt. This act was made to roll up more revenue enhancements and locate people selling marihuana. You had to pay $ 1 for medical usage and $ 100 for recreational usage as revenue enhancement. This was a big factor why physicians quit utilizing it as a medical specialty. & # 8220 ; The Narcotics Drug Control Act of 1965 increased the bing punishments for selling and distribution of marihuana and diacetylmorphine & # 8230 ; & # 8221 ; ( Snyder,1985, p46 ) The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws ( NORML ) was founded in 1970. Just the facts Ma & # 8217 ; am: It is illegal to have or sell marihuana. It is a misdemeanour non a felony. Punishments vary widely in each province, for turning and selling it is about ever a felony. It can do malignant neoplastic disease in the lungs and the pharynx IF smoked. & # 8220 ; Among the grounds to surmise potentially deleterious consequence of hemp usage on the lungs, pointed out it & # 8220 ; the about omnipresent happening of pharynx uncomfortableness and annoyance associated with marihuana smoking & # 8221 ; ( Lovinge,1985, p15 ) but the same carcinogens are present in baccy fume. Marijuana takes off the uncomfortableness and sickness associated with chemotherapy taken to halt the growing of malignant neoplastic disease. It besides helps people with glaucoma and it keeps them from traveling blind. It doesn & # 8217 ; t lessen feelings and hurting, it heightens them. Users say they hear things better, and they see inside informations they have ne’er seen earlier. If made legal, it could be regulated by the U.S. authorities ( Food and Drug Administration? ) as to how powerful it would be. Or there could be a & # 8220 ; authorities monopoly on it commanding the cultivation, importing, industry, sweeping distribution, and retail gross revenues. Controls could besides be placed on the measure, authority, , sum, monetary value, clip and topographic point of sale, and age of purchasers. This would make off with black market activity, cost of jurisprudence enforcement and revenue enhancement revenue. & # 8221 ; ( Snyder,1985, p89 ) It would besides maintain a batch of people out of jail/prison and salvage the authorities money.

Interview with a marihuana user.

Q: Do you believe Marijuana has had any long permanent effects on you?

A: None besides the effects regular coffin nail fume does to your lungs. Scientific facts prove there are none except the carcinogens produced by the fume. It doesn & # 8217 ; t do encephalon harm like your instructors tell you.

Q: Do you eat it?

A: No, eating uses up more. That manner isn & # 8217 ; t cost effectual.

Q: How make you take it?

A: Smoke it. I use pipes, bongs, & A ; documents.

Q: How frequently?

A: One-fourth ounce a hebdomad, 15-18 articulations a month.

Q: How much does it be?

A: $ 200 an ounce, $ 2,500 lb & # 8230 ; and that s minimal quality.

Q: How can you state quality?

A: Smoke it.

Q: Would it be better if legalized?

A: Yes, another nonexempt income for the authorities. Monetary values would travel down. The offense factor would be gone. It would take the money out of the custodies of condemnable and put it in the custodies of the authorities. It & # 8217 ; s non habit-forming, you can & # 8217 ; t overdose unlike intoxicant, but the fume does do

malignant neoplastic disease. They have found it causes no long permanent effects. Water Pipes/bongs take 80 % of the


Q: Would less people use it if legalized?

A: No.

Q: How much is caught by the authorities?

A: 2 % of entire in U.S. Basically that s the authorities acknowledging that they are losing the war on drugs.

( terminal of interview )

Marijuana doesn & # 8217 ; t do encephalon harm. The fume does cause malignant neoplastic disease, but so does baccy. The fume can be reduced by up to 80 % with particular gears. We used to hold limited cognition on the topic, now our cognition is increasing.

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