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Marijuana Should Remain An Illegal Substance

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    MARIJUANA SHOULD REMAIN AN ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE Marijuana has become a more and more acceptable drug over the past few old ages despite its many side effects, non merely on the user, but besides on society as a whole. Due to these side effects on society and the marijuana user, it would be in the best involvement of everyone that marihuana remains an illegal substance. On one side of the issue you have marijuana users stating that it is their pick on whether or non they should be allowed to smoke marihuana. The inquiry we have to inquire ourselves is, are single freedoms so of import that we are willing to let these single freedoms to go on without effect, even if their actions are harmful. The intent of this essay will be to set forth a strong statement that will turn out that marihuana should stay an illegal substance. Before I go any farther I want to unclutter up a few things. When I say that marihuana should stay illegal I mean that in Canada marihuana usage and trafficking should be handling precisely the manner it is now under the Criminal Code of Canada. I don t mean that there should be any longer limitations placed upon marihuana. I besides mean that the exclusions where marihuana usage is allowed should stay the same. Second when I refer to marijuana usage and marihuana users I am merely speaking about when the substance is smoked I am non speaking about any other methods in which marihuana is used. The most obvious ground it maintain marihuana usage illegal is the harmful effects it has on the tobacco user. Some of the short term effects of marihuana usage include: jobs with memory and acquisition, distorted perceptual experience, problem with thought and job resolution, loss of co-ordination, and increased bosom rate ( due to possible anxiousness ) . The long-run effects include malignant neoplastic disease ; amendss to the lungs and air passages ; and eventually amendss to the immune system. Studies show that person who smokes five articulations per hebdomad may be taking in every bit much malignant neoplastic disease doing chemicals as person whom smokes 15 coffin nails daily. As good people who smoke marihuanas frequently develop coughing and wheezing. They tend to hold more thorax colds than nonusers do. They are besides at a higher hazard of acquiring lung infections like pneumonia. Different surveies on animate beings have found that marihuana can damage the cells and tissues in the organic structure that help protect people from disease. When the immune cells are weakened, you are more likely to acquire sick.Then there is the most serious consequence of all in which marihuana inflects upon the user and that is its consequence upon the encephalon. Surveies show that when people have smoked big sums of marihuana for old ages, the drug takes its toll on mental maps. Heavy or day-to-day usage of marihuana effects the parts of the encephalon that control memory, attending, and larning. A on the job short-run memory is needed to larn and execute undertakings that call for more than one or two stairss. Smoking marihuana causes some alterations in the encephalon that are like those caused by cocaine and diacetylmorphine ( these alterations are non healthy 1s ) .With all the wellness side effects presented here it is astonishing to happen out merely how many people use marihuana. Avid users claim that it is non merely a lifestyle pick but besides it is a affair of autonomy and freedom ( personal pick ) . Lobbyists for the legalisation of marihuana would state that because Canada is a free state, which gives people the right to liberate pick that it is morally incorrect to do marijuana illegal. These lobbyists would indicate out that people make picks everyday that travel against their wellness s best involvement. Take the illustration mineworkers who go down into the mines mundane exposing themselves to exhausts which they know are bad for their wellness, yet they choose to travel down and mine with the authoritiess permission.When the lobbyist argues that the usage of marihuana is a right that all people should hold the ability to do by themselves, they are burying that people s rights are restricted. Even in this great state in which we live peoples rights are confined. Take the illustration of traveling to school. The authorities has made the determination that all parents must direct their kids to school when the ranges a certain age ( age five ) . The kid is to go on to travel to school until he or she is old plenty to do the determination on their ain ( age 16 ) . The authorities has made the determination to do this jurisprudence because they feel it is in the best involvement of the state for all kids to hold the same basic chance at an instruction. This illustration of how are picks are restricted is really similar to that of the usage of marihuana. The theory the authorities is utilizing is that the effects to society outweigh the single s rights. So therefore the substance should be illegal because the authorities has to be concerned with the well being of society as a whole non on a one to one footing. As for the illustration of the mineworker and the marijuana user, the mineworker is merely doing wellness jobs to himself. The marijuana user effects the wellness of everyone around him or her due to the serious wellness effects of 2nd manus smoke.On the other side of the coin there is besides the wellness benefits that marijuana provides like a remedy of sickness. How come we can non let people who are experiencing a small spot nauseating to utilize marihuanas? We can non allow them utilize marihuana in this instance because the wellness jobs they would hold from marihuana would be more terrible than the benefits, if the

    Y used the substance whenever they felt nauseating. What about a malignant neoplastic disease patient who is on their deathbed and is enduring from sickness due to the intervention they were given? Yes in that instance they would be allowed to utilize the drug because the wellness benefits because in this instance the benefits outweigh the jobs. So as stated earlier in the essay there are certain state of affairss in which the wellness of a individual can be made better due to the usage of marihuana. In these state of affairss the individual should be granted full legal rights to the usage of the drug.

    Since marihuana usage causes so many long and short-run wellness jobs will the usage of marihuana put even more strain on the wellness attention system? Of coarse it will. Since the marihuanas lobbyist argues that marijuana usage is a freedom of pick, so to me it would do sense for the marihuana user to pay for his or her ain wellness disbursals. They indirectly chose to hold wellness jobs, so they should pay for it.The marihuanas lobbyist would state that if we examined the economic sciences of the state of affairs that the legalisation of marihuana would merely set a encouragement on the economic system and authorities gross. If we look at the gross revenues of other similar drugs i.e. intoxicant and coffin nails, we would see that they provide the authorities with a immense beginning of income. The authorities could revenue enhancement marijuana to a great extent merely like it does to alcohol and coffin nails and hence have another monolithic beginning of gross for the state. Then the authorities could utilize this excess gross to assist repair the wellness attention crisis and possibly even have adequate money left over to assist out other plans such as education.Well the lobbyist is likely right in that the marihuanas industry would be a immense beginning of income for the authorities, possibly even every bit large as the intoxicant and coffin nail industries. However should we truly be doing moral determinations such as this one based upon how much money is involved? If we were to do this moral determination based upon economic sciences so where would it halt? Consider harlotry, it to could be a immense gross beginning for the authorities. So shouldn T we legalize it as good? If we legalized marihuana on the fact that it would be a good beginning of authorities gross so we would hold to legalise everything that was a good beginning of authorities gross and non on whether or non it was right or incorrect. I know my ethical motives are non for sale and I don non believe that the moral values of our state are either.What about the addition amendss to society. We already know the effects that imbibing and drive has. What about driving under the influence of marihuana? Marijuana has serious harmful effects on the accomplishments required to drive safely. It effects alertness, the ability to concentrate, co-ordination, and the ability to respond rapidly. These effects can last up to 24 hours after utilizing the drug. Marijuana may play a function in auto accidents. In one survey conducted in Memphis, TN, research workers found that, of 150 foolhardy drivers who were tested for drugs at the apprehension scene, 30 three per centum tested positive for marihuana. Data has besides shown that while smoking marihuana, people show the same deficiency of co-ordination on standard rummy driver trials as do people who have had excessively much to imbibe. Since we already know the bad effects of imbibing and driving do we truly want to do another substance legal which as the possible to do the same job? Where is the cogent evidence? Just because marihuana is legalized there is no cogent evidence that this would do more harm to society. In fact in some states where marihuana has been made legal the harm to society has really gone down. Can we truly compare different states like this? Typically talking no two states are likewise hence two different states may respond otherwise to the same Torahs. Merely because one states amendss to society went down due to the legalisation of marihuana does non intend that another state will hold the same result. They may in fact have the exact same result, nevertheless they could besides hold the exact opposite result. The inquiry I ask is, do we desire to take the opportunity of the result in this state of affairs being the incorrect one when there is so much at interest? I do non experience that we can put on the line something such as many more frequent fatal auto accidents on an assumption.I feel that it is a good thing that the moral usage of marihuana is being questioned today. We should be reminded that yes throughout history civilizations have had constructs, thoughts, and patterns that for long periods of clip have been considered morally allowable even though they may non be. However merely because something has been considered moral or in this instance immoral for a long period of clip this does non do that determination right. That is why I am happy that so many people today are oppugning the determination of morality as it relates to marijuana. It helps our society truly look at why we feel the usage of this drug is incorrect. I have presented many statements that do non even remotely intimation that marihuana usage is incorrect because it has been banned for a long period of clip. Alternatively I looked at the state of affairs in a manner that it was as if marihuana was a freshly discovered drug and we were seeking to make up one’s mind whether or non its usage was morally allowable. With all the facts presented it should be a natural determination to do that marihuana should be an illegal substance.Scott BlundenPhi 201.0EShawn WarrenOct. 31, 2000


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