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Remain cool and in winters

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The sun begins to rise gradually, spilling golden rays of light over the soaring mountains. A gentle breeze drifts through the lush forest as flocks of birds emerge from its depths, performing spectacular aerial displays in the dazzling morning sky. Down below, the sleeping village, tucked away inside the green valley, awakens to the sound of thundering church bells. Suddenly it is teeming with life as the villagers appear, welcoming the new day and attending to their daily morning affairs. An old woman rides a grey donkey in the narrow, cobbled streets.

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Remain cool and in winters
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Her hair is an aging, soft gray, her brown, wrinkly skin sags on her frail frame-she is old and crippled yet her black eyes, bright and twinkling, are full of joy and kindness. Behind her, a man with a moustache whistles merrily whilst taking his reluctant sheep to graze in the nearby pastures beside the lazy river. In the surrounding houses, people sit under shady vine trees, eating refreshing watermelon and grandfathers engage themselves in games of backgammon and cards.

As the day progresses however, the swarms of tourists who come to visit sister the peaceful atmosphere of the village.

Restaurants has variety of village life depending on topography, history, caste system and traditional festivals like cattle fairs, What and religious fairs. I remember my last visit to a Village was very inspiring and exciting. The village was dwelling unit popularly known, as a hut is usually circular in shape. Its simplest hamlets, the most basic form of civilization with a way of life that has probably remained unchanged since centuries, consist of a collection of huts that are circular, and have thatched offs.

The walls are covered with a plaster of clay, cow dung, and hay, making a termite-free facade that blends in with the sand of the countryside around it. It is thatched with grass and haystacks. Sometimes clay molded Keel are also used. Boundaries for houses and land holdings are made of the dry branches of a nettle-like shrub, the long, sharp thorns a deterrent for straying cattle. The huts so made are technically hygienic and give the feeling of air conditioning. In summers, they remain cool and in winters, it remains warm.

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