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Marijuana- The Herb Of All Ages

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Marijuana- The Herb Of All Ages

Marijuana is and remains one of the oldest herbs used since time immemorial. Marijuana is simply the dried leaves and buds of a plant called in Botanical name Cannabis Sativa. Marijuana contains more than 400 chemicals, 60 of which fit into a category called cannabinoids. THC is just one of these cannabinoids, but it is the chemical, that contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and this is the main psychoactive chemical. THC is a chemical that affects our brain’s thinking mainly short term memory.

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Marijuana- The Herb Of All Ages
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 Moreover, cannabis affects motor coordination. Also it will increase your heart beating rate and increase anxiety and fear. Because smoking marijuana is illegal in many countries of the world it has attained many names that are used by drug traffickers to hide its reference from many people including security officers. Hence Cannabis Sativa has always seen change of its names for survival. Other frequently used street names include: bhang, ganja, Jamaican herb, grass, weed and pot.

However caution must be taken when we are talking about this herb because many people across the world see this herb always on a negative note but the truth is that Cannabis Sativa like any other herb has both its advantages and disadvantages especially when abused. Since we can say this herb has been there and used by human beings for a long time for different purposes for instance medical purposes, spiritual and cultural purposes. It is paramount therefore to note that there are legal herbs and illegal herbs.

Many people believe that marijuana was made illegal through a well thought scientific research involving the government in America and medical experts. This issue many have thought it was made to safeguard citizens from a very dangerous herb known as cannabis. However the actual story shows a different version. All the voters who voted against the drug did so not because they knew facts about the drug but because they relied solely on the people who had ‘facts’ hence everything was just by chance. It can be said without fear or favor that the long road towards bhang’s criminalization was a mere sham based on fear, racialism, ignorant legislators, greed and protection of profits. Dr. A. E, Fossier linked the drug with killings and massacre hence since 1931 people started associating marijuana with violence and recklessness. With his Bureau of Narcotics campaign Anslinger saw a career opportunity in Narcotics and realized that cocaine with opiate couldn’t work and went for marijuana. He went ahead to use racial discrimination and also violence to push his greedy agenda forward. As time went by he was joined by others and together they championed their course.

Herbal blends or buds are good for a variety of reasons.

In many cultures of the world it is perfectly natural to “mix” a variety of herbs to create cultural and traditional smoking blends. Since different herbs have their own unique taste and even smell they have different spiritual, meditative and potency.

However it is should be known that blending produces almost the same outcome as bhang. Smoking of these blends does not have the same stigma as smoking marijuana and in many of the countries it is readily acceptable and legal. Therefore one could smoke a blend instead of marijuana.

Herbs have been known to produce various effects on people when smoked or even eaten. Effects produced from smoking legal herbs have been shown and confirmed through studies that the effects of smoking these blends are positive and even improve thinking, concentration and clarity.
Researchers have discovered that THC can change the flow of information in the sensory nerves as acted upon by hippocampus. Hippocampus is a component found in the brain’s limbic system which is crucial for learning, memory, and the integration of sensory experiences with motivations and emotions. Research has shown that THC suppresses the neurons in the information system within the hippocampus. Furthermore, it has been discovered learned behaviors within the hippocampus deteriorate with time.

Another important use of these natural herbs is to help people who are interested in stopping the habit of smoking cigarettes. The withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking nicotine can be greatly reduced by the use of these natural herbs. These herbs produce a comforting relaxation that is good to the mind of the cigarette smoker. It can also relieve the addition to snuff and other nicotine products. Smoking or taking nicotine products has been known to result in increased diseases like tuberculosis and both mouth and lung cancer hence need for many people to stop smoking.

Since there are many varieties of these herbal blends the only way tom know the best for you is to sample the blends to get ones favorite blend. The nature of the smoke is also vital in knowing the best blend since some blends tend to produce heavy smoke which can easily dangerous to users. Herbal Connoisseur’s are qualified in telling the difference between herbal buds by simply tasting or smelling the smoke.

The marijuana plant has many uses. Its fibrous stalk can be used to make lots of products, from food to ship sails. Its stalk is mainly comprised of two parts, the hurd and also the bast. The bast provides fibers that can be woven to make different and clothes. Fibers from these plants are used to make canvas.

Hurd provides pulp for making papers, oil to make paints and varnishes, and seed for food. Marijuana plants are used in producing a high-protein, high-carbohydrate seed that is used in production of granola and cereals. To own products made from marijuana stalk is not illegal but in many countries like America the possession of cannabis plant or to grow or drug form or even the seeds is punishable by law. Previous studies have shown that Cannabis Sativa contains cancer-causing chemicals which are typically associated with nicotine.

Moreover, smoking bhang might affect your thinking and working capabilities especially with drug abuse. People addicted with marijuana are in many cases if not counseled well to stop marijuana end up living desperate lives. Drug peddlers have had rough times with their acquaintances or law enforcement agencies and many end up spending the rest of their lives behind bars.

Marijuana has also been associated with increased divorce and domestic violence. According to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Cannabis Sativa arrests reached all-time high in 2006. Due to increased rate of unemployment coupled with economic recession cases of marijuana abuse have increased. Prohibition of marijuana is unique in American criminal laws. No any other law is enforced harshly and widely. Marijuana affects the memory, judgment, and also perception. It can easily mess you up in school in clubs and also in other activities. Teens should understand that taking bhang doesn’t make you pass well in Mathematics but it is a recipe for failure. Increased use of marijuana will make students careless and in disciplined hence poor performance. The performance of athletics goes down and timings and coordination are easily affected by THC. Some people still associate risky sexual behavior to consumption and smoking of Marijuana.

Athletes could find their performance is off; timing, movements, and coordination are all affected by THC. Also, since marijuana can affect judgment and decision making, its use can lead to risky sexual behavior, resulting in exposure to sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Marijuana prohibition is unique among American criminal laws. No other law is both enforced so harshly and widely.

With all said and done these facts are made to help the reader make an informed choice about marijuana and not to scare or entice anyone. But it remains that if you come from a country that smoking bhang is illegal then you have to follow the law to the latter. Otherwise information is power and having it a key to a more secure and knowledgeable population. The debate about Cannabis Sativa is however not going anywhere unless some of the myths and not facts crowd many of the people minds. But with increased interest in marijuana research scientists can come out with non biased research to settle this debate once and for all. If our fore fathers made use of this plant then the current generation and generations to come should be keen in utilizing this plant.

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