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Comparison of US Marines vs Army

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Julia Fox
January 5, 2016
Mrs. Cabo
English Comp.Marines vs. Army
The marines and army are both a military force group of the United States. Both groups focus on brotherhood and war. But all military groups have their differences.
When someone first wants to recruit into a military force they have to take an ASVAB. A ASVAB is a placement test to figure out what jobs will be the best for you. The marines take a minimum score of 32 if you are a high school graduate.

But if you have a GED the minimum score is a 50. The marines rather take a person with a GED over a person with a high school diploma. However the minimum score the army will take is a 31 and anyone who gets a 50 or higher gets pay raises and incentives.
After the future solider is accepted into either branch, they send them to a boot camp also known as basic training. The Marines boot camp is 12 weeks long, it is divided into three phases.

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Comparison of US Marines vs Army
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The first phase educates on values, customs and courtesies, history and leadership skills. Phase one mostly happens in a classroom environment. The second phase is rifle marksmanship, swimming, gas chamber exercises and martial arts training. Finally phase three, this phase teaches physical training/ fitness and drill. This makes sure everyone is physically fit and includes a three day long battle in the fields. This simulates how it is in the fields during war so that any solider is field ready.
The army calls boot camp “basic training”, it last 9 weeks. Just like the marines silders spend the first couple of weeks in a classroom environment. After the classroom they learn combat zone exercises. In the last couple of weeks the army focuses on confidence. How they teach soldiers how to practice confidence is team building exercises and hand grenade throwing. Three days before graduation they go through a three day long battle field experience just like the marines.
After you have graduated from a branches boot camp the branch stations…

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