Martin Luther King and Civil Rights Movement in the US

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So they took part into Martin Luther King’s team. But the action of Salaam’s troops made the other white people who didn’t take part into the demonstration felt angry about it. This event indirectly promote the civil right movement. In the film”Selma”. When the native American women saw the news on TV about the Salaam’s violence, She was crying because the incident of violence. Racial discrimination is still a problem in the U. S nowadays, but it’s much better than before. Some native people didn’t look up on black people because they think white skin is more bole than black skin.

But it’s not true. Bullies are usually insecure and white is no exception. And also American’s morality and rational reflection plays an important role. Now we don’t believe that certain people are worth more than others. The civil rights movement also has had a huge effect on social norms. In American, there was a time only 60 years ago when the people called the other people a disrespectful name was considered acceptable behavior even for little kids and women. But nowadays, this kind of behavior will be consider impolite behavior. People should feel shame with this kind of behavior. If the kids doing like this behavior, the other people will query their family education. We are living in a peaceful and civilized world, we should be tolerant to the other people. In the film “Selma” the procession were succeed. More and more native people were moved by Martin Luther Kings generous attitude. The people didn’t use the violence way to protest the government reaction. The uses this way to expressed they were dissatisfied with government. This is a civilized performance.

This performance is a sign of progress. And this progress made social norms became sophisticated. Self- knowledge is of the hardest to learn and the least welcome, but the brutal truth is best. As human became more self-aware, Human started to notice the underlying beliefs for their difficult behavior – felt it was their egoistic desire to be right,and perfectionist nature. So they try to solve this problem as a peaceful way. Those two changes made the civil rights movement made progress in the U. S. This is the victory of human rights.

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