Masculinity’s Role in Today’s Society Essay

What it means to be a man in today’s society is much different than what it means to contain male DNA. Masculinity is the act of possessing certain qualities that make an individual a man. Aside from reproductive organs, being a man has taken on an entirely different meaning in the 21st century. Being a man has turned into possessing a certain amount of stereotypical attributes that set a man as a higher being than a woman. These standards are corrupting the way that men treat women, the way that men treat each other and the way that men treat themselves.

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Masculinity’s Role in Today’s Society
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Where is it that these ideals are coming from? From sources such as the media and other men in their lives, the male population is continuously learning what they should be doing and how to prove to themselves and society that they are truly a “man. ” Living by the stereotypical standards of being a man, those who identify themselves as male are being forced to live up to certain specifications such as being interested in sports, liking women and being able to pursue many women, not getting emotional over anything and also being expected to pay for everything when on a date just to name a few.

The impact that these cliches are having on society is greater than anyone can imagine. Over the passed 10 years, sexuality has been an increasing factor for the way that things are being done with the media. Whether it is the latest celebrity pornography scandal, a man exerting his dominance over his wife/girlfriend by beating her or pushing a product on men via half naked women, the overall message is the same. This increase in the belief of the “sex sells” motto has a few different causes.

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