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Motivated neighbourhood people have provided ‘ Meals on Wheels ’ in their communities for many old ages now. The attempts of such lovingness persons has made it possible for many long-run attention consumers to stay independent within their ain places. This non-profit organisation has provided the consumer with a most critical service ; to assist in supplying them with good wellness and emotional wellbeing.

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The ‘ Meals on Wheels ’ non-profit organisation was established in Canada in the 1960 ’ s. A group of dedicated persons elected by a Board of Directors provide the way for this charitable association. A survey was undertaken by assorted organisations and churches into the demands of the aged life entirely and those being discharged from infirmaries with no aid available during their recuperation. Interested voluntaries and service nines answered the call for aid and proved to be the anchor of this organisation. The United Way besides plays a critical function in the success of this societal service.

The purpose of this association is to enroll voluntaries from the community to present repasts to long-run attention consumers in their ain places. This allows the consumers the opportunity to keep their independent life style. Because of the fast turning senior community, ‘ Meals on Wheels ’ will go on to supply this indispensable attention.

Suppliers and Users of ‘ Meals on Wheels ’

The organisation is run by an elected Board of Directors, all of whom are voluntaries. There are full-time and parttime paid staff members administered by an executive manager. Volunteers donate many hours of clip to present repasts for every twenty-four hours of the twelvemonth within their community.

These services are available to eligible long-run attention consumers, senior citizens, individuals with physical disablements, individuals with mental wellness jobs, the developmentally challenged and convalescents.


Drivers use their ain autos to present repasts to the consumers in demand. The voluntary will pick-up the repasts at a designated location and specified clip. The driver checks his route list for new consumers or alterations. He loads his auto with the repasts to be delivered. The voluntary will travel into the consumers house and aid with the bringing of the repast where necessary ( i.e. assisting to take nutrient out of containers, etc. ) . When the path is complete the driver besides returns empty containers to the nutrient beginning location.

The volun teer besides reports back to the Team Leader is advise on the well being of the consumers and if there are any messages from the consumers to relay back to the organisation. The administrative portion of the organisation handles the fiscal facet of ‘ Meals on Wheels ’ . This would include fixing fiscal statements demoing the parts to the organisation, the bills paid by consumers, and the outgos incurred.

Administration is besides responsible supplying public cognition of the organisations through booklets, service nines, etc. The enlisting of voluntaries is carried out by the administrative portion of this organisation. Another portion of Administration is the readying of paths, the initial contact of a consumer and information about the consumer. They would besides manage the eligibility demands with the consumer.


  • It may be necessary to manage exigency and job state of affairss during the bringing of repasts to the consumer. The voluntary is trained to look out for certain state of affairss which may intend that a job or exigency may be go oning.
  • If a consumer does non reply the door, the voluntary must non go forth the repast at the door. Alternatively, the voluntary cheques with his overseer to guarantee that it is alright to go forth the repast.
  • If the door is non locked, the voluntaries must name out the consumer ’ s name before come ining. He may so continue into the house to turn up the consumer.
  • If he finds the consumers to be sick or injured the voluntary will name 911. The voluntary should be trained in CPR to be able to help the consumer, if necessary, until aid arrives.


The ‘ Meals on Wheels ’ organisation has a long tradition of voluntary committedness. It has provided a valuable service to the community. Without the attempts of its many voluntaries and workers, the community would lose a really appreciative service to the consumers who are in demand of good, healthy repasts. This organisation is assisting to do certain that the people in demand in their community will hold nutrient available to them in a speedy and easy manner, so that their lives are made easier. Even a friendly face at the door one time a twenty-four hours could do a universe of difference to a individual who possibly is non able to be out in the community. The people doing ‘ Meals on Wheels ’ work for their community are a really valuable plus.


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