Vision Statement for Meals on Wheels, Module 6

The creation of a vision statement can be the detrimental factor of the company’s success. It not only shows the current status of the company but it also guides the audience on where the company wants to go in its future. A Vision Statement is oftentimes the signature of a company indicating what their “dream” was, when they opened up their business. A vision is that of the owner and what he/she wanted to achieve by owning and operating that business. In order to complete this vision, a mission statement will follow the vision and complete the businesses purpose of existence.

A mission statement, on the other hand, handles the overall aim of the business. It oftentimes expresses its quality of its product or the reliability of its service. The difference between a vision statement and a mission statement is mainly the vision for the company expressing what the company will become, and the mission statement is about the company’s content and what they consist of at the time. (Mindtools) Meals on Wheels “Meals on Wheels” is a great organization that was originally developed to help out servicemen during WWII.

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It then continued its roots by serving Philadelphia in the 1950s as a home-delivery program serving those that are hungry. The focus since the 70s has been to serve senior citizens who still live at home but are not capable making themselves food or even for others to bring them food (Meals on Wheels) MOW Vision Statement The company’s vision statement is as following: “Is to end senior hunger by 2020”. Although this vision statement is very short, I believe it is very much to the point. It explains why the company exists, and what it exists for.

It gives a detailed time-line and describes what it will do by a certain time-frame: end hunger! This vision is very effective and it is also motivating. If MOW really believes to end hunger in seniors by 2020, than others will believe in this vision as well. The vision makes people feel very motivated to help out or to donate money. When reading this statement, one wants to help out immediately to make this vision come true. To improve the statement, MOW could have elaborated on what else it wants to achieve such as having better volunteers, more volunteers, better equipment etc. but I believe, it would have taken its power away, or it would have been less effective and could possibly mislead its vision (Meals on Wheels) MOW Mission Statement Once reading the vision statement, one really wonders how the company is going to establish such a goal. We have many millions of senior citizens living in the US and many are hungry and it seems so impossible to fix that situation. Its mission statement indicates four pillars that outline a comprehensive plan on how to achieve this vision: 1. The National Campaign for Community Impact; 2.

The Meals on Wheels Leadership Academy; 3. The National Response to Hunger; and 4. Capacity Building. To the National Campaign for Community Impact, MOW will upgrade its kitchens and cooler systems in order to serve more meals for more senior citizens. The Meals on Wheels Leadership Academy enables employees to learn about nutrition, leadership, development, communication, and volunteer management. The National Response to Senior Hunger is about doing the right research, raising awareness and identifying emerging trends in overcoming challenges in distance, cost and labor and more.

Capacity Building is about having the right infrastructure to support the member programs and ensuring efficient and dedicated action. (Meals on Wheels) In Summary, Meals on Wheels is a great company that does great things for our struggling senior citizens. Looking at vision and mission statements, it is easy to see what the company wants to accomplish and how it wants to accomplish it. It gives a detailed vision and a very detailed mission statement that even consists of several steps guiding the audience on how it wants to achieve its goal.

At the same time it lists areas of improvement and has a great website that lays out its local agencies, a membership form and a donation option. It gives an option for anyone who wants to help: donating time, money or even a vehicle. Overall its vision and mission statement and the great website all together make it an appealing and aspiring organization. References Meals on Wheels (2012). Meals on Wheels Association of America. Alexandria, VA. Mind Tools (1996). Mission Statements and Vision Statement. Wiltshire, United Kingdom.

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