Memphis Tourism Articles “Mallory-Neely House” Essay

  Memphis Tourism Articles “Mallory-Neely House” Not only can you relive what life was like in the year,1852, but you can witness the hand painted and stenciled ceilings that decorate this lovely Memphis mansion, where the Mallory-Neely House offers so much to explore.  Experience the lovely three-story home with stain glassed windows and  parquet floors that remain untouched by time.  Stroll along the antique floors of this 25-room, Italian villa mansion where you can easily relive the year 1852 that easily reflects the lifestyle of the early cotton merchants.

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Memphis Tourism Articles “Mallory-Neely House”
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The late Victorian era home was once the residence of an upper class Memphis family and today it remains one of the only locations in Memphis that houses its original furnishings that reflect the lifestyle of this incredible, Victorian era. Jay Etkin GalleryOne of the most desirable locations in Memphis, The Jay Etkin Gallery is owned by Jay Etkin and is conveniently located downtown, in the center of an ever expanding art center.

  The heart of the city is where you will discover a thrilling view, consisting of a  variety of featured, local as well as regional collections of Ethnographic, Contemporary and Folk works of art.In his gallery, Jay Etkin’s also displays a unique collection featuring Southern Contemporary Art, which he prides himself upon, as well as various other works inspired by new artists.

There is certainly something affordable for everyone in all income brackets, here at The Jay Etkin Gallery located conveniently on South Main Street. “The Dixon Gallery and Gardens”Seventeen beautifully landscaped acres, is the home of The Dixon Gallery And Gardens which graciously showcases fine works of art, including Impressionist and Post Impressionist paintings.  This desirable tourist attraction, located on lovely Park Avenue is conveniently located near the airport and downtown Memphis and offers an unmatched serene setting .The Dixon Gallery is a museum experience that you will forever treasure, as you walk along the beautiful garden and witness the passion of art and natural beauty that Hugo and Margaret Dixon carefully maintained for future generations to enjoy.

 “Cotton Museum”On the old trading floor of The Memphis Cotton Exchange, is where you will wonderfully discover everything you need to know about the cotton industry in Memphis.  You will be educated on the history of cotton from the initial harvesting to the fabric it produced, as you explore the thrilling artifacts from the cotton era.You will learn exactly how cotton was traded as you view incredible timepieces that have been preserved, offering education on the Memphis Cotton Exchange and how the cotton industry affected the people during the cotton era.  The pieces of art and other relic items, demonstrates how the development of the Memphis area was based on the trade of the cotton industry.

“The Handy House and Museum”The home of The W.C  Handy is where you will view enchanting memorabilia owned by the “Father of the Blues,” himself, W.C. Handy, who was highly noted for his impact on American music.

  Leisurely browse through our fine Gift Shop or perhaps you would enjoy a guided tour of the historical landmark, where W.C. Handy wrote his original blues songs.An unforgettable experience awaits you at the W.

C. Handy House and Museum, conveniently located on the corner of historic Beale Street and Fourth Street in the fun and exciting city of Memphis.

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