Meteorology Chapter 3

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The lag in daily temperature refers to the time lag between
the time of maximum solar radiation and the time of maximum temperature
During the afternoon the greatest temp diff. between the surface air and the air several meters above occurs on a
clearn, calm afternoon
The greatest variation in daily temp usually occurs
at the ground
In summer, humid regions typically have _____ daily temperature ranges and _______ maximum temperatures than drier regions.
smaller, lower
In most areas the warmest time of the day about 5 feet above the ground occurs
In the afternoon between 2 and 5 pm
Everything else being equal, the lowest air temp on a winter night will occur above a
surface covered with snow
Which of the following is generally true at night?
The earth emits more energy than it absorbs
the lowest temperature is usually observed
around sunrise
Which of the following is generally true during the day
The earth absorbs more energy than it emits
In clear weather the air next to the ground is usually ______ than the air above during the night, and ______ than the air above during the day
colder, warmer
One would expect the lowest temperatures to be found next to the ground on a
Clear, dry, calm night
Warmer than average overnight temperatures are probably not associated with
A strong radiation inversion.
At what time during a 24-hour day would a radiation temperature inversion best be developed?
near sunrise
Ideal conditions for a strong radiation inversion are
clear,calm,dry, winter night
The primary cause of a radiation inversion is
infrared radiation emitted by the earth’s surface
Important reason for the large daily temperature range over deserts is
there is little water vapor in the air to absorb and re-radiate infrared radiation
the deepest radiation inversion would be observed
in polar regions in winter
a radiation inversion is most commonly observed
just above the ground
on a clear, calm, night, the ground and air above cool mainly by this process.
orchard heaters and wind machines are most useful in preventing damaging low temperatures from occurring next to the ground on
clear, calm nights
Thermal belts are
warmer hillsides that are less likely to experience freezing conditions.
In a hilly region the best place to plant crops that are sensitive to low temperature is
alone the hillsides.
Lines connecting points of equal temperature are called
Wind machines can prevent surface air temperatures from reaching extremely low readings by
mixing surface air with air directly above
Two objects A and B have the same mass but the specific heat of A is larger than B. If both objects absorb equal amounts of energy
B will become warmer than A.
If energy is added to an object, the smallest temp. change will occur when the object has
large mas, large specific heat.
When you observe large changes in the temperature of an object even though only small amounts of energy are added or removed, you might conclude the object has low
Specific Heat
Two objects have the same temp. Object A feels colder to the touch than object B. This is probably because the two objects have different
thermal conductivities
the largest annual range of temperatures are found
at polar latitudes over land
If you subtract the daily minimum from the daily maximum temperature you have the
daily range of temperature
This is used as an index for fuel consumption
heating degree-days
The wind-chill index
relates body heat loss with wind to an equivalent temperature with no wind.
In calm air the air temp. is -10 degrees celcius if the wind speed should increase to 30 knots (with no change in air temp.) the thermometer would indicate
a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius.
Which of the following is usually a liquid-in-glass thermometer?
minimum thermometer
a thermometer with a small constriction just above the bulb is a
maximum thermometer
when would be the best time to reset a minimum thermometer?
just after the maximum temperature
a thermometer that measures temp. and records it on a piece of chart paper is called a
this instrument obtains air temperature by measuring emitted infrared energy
thermometer that has a smull dumbbell-shaped glass index marker in the tube is called a
minimum thermometer
when a liquid thermometer is held in direct sunlight
it will measure a much higher temperature than that of the air.
the largest annual ranges of temperatures are found
in the northern central plains of the US
ideal shelter for housing a temperature-measurement instrument should be
during the long arctic winter, radiation inversions are
At what depth within the soil would you expect to find the smallest annual variation in temperature?
10 centimeters
Sandy soil has relatively low thermal conductivity and will reach a higher temperature during the day than other types of soil. T/F
The thermal conductivity tells you the amount of heat needed to warm 1 gram of a material 1 degree celsius. T/F
The great lakes are large enough to affect the climate of te surrounding area T/F
In the upper atmosphere a person would feel very cold even though air temps are very high (900 degrees F) T/F
On a cold night wind can prevent an inverison from forming T/F

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