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Migration to Malaysia

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In early 19th and 20th centuries Malaysia is one of leading country in Asia with strong influence of investor from foreigner countries . Malaysia development in economy and political is promising status that had encourage labours from China , India and Java to migrate to Malaysia. There were some factors that led why the Chinese from China , Indians from India and Malay from Java are interest to work as labour in Malaysia. The Chinese settled in Malaysia since thousands of year before, living in cave at Gua Niah ,Santubong and Kota Batu at Sarawak before enteries of Iban people from Kalimantan it had been proved by Tom Harrison from his research.

At 15th
century, Chinese were staying at Malacca there were about 2500 people on the year of 1750’s. And on the year of 1700’sthere are about 1000 people of Chinese were living at Johor Lama and mostly 3000 people living at Penang has been founded. In the mid on 19th century there were more Chinese was found at Perak Kelian Putih about 40,000 people and at Sungai Unjung nearly 10,000Chinese people worked at tin mines .

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Migration to Malaysia
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there were about 100,000 Chinese were living at Johor. There were a huge number of Chinese lived at Johor. This was because of the encouragement from Temenggung Ibrahim to tenor for development of agriculture.

The Chinese were given a letter called as ‘ Surat Sungai ‘ as a authority to Chinese leaders to open their own farm according to river side’s. The Chinese leaders were known as ‘ Kangcu ’as the leader of the river . Some of the Chinese people known as offspring from Hakka people were brought to Sabah to work at tobacco farm. People of Hokkien and Teochew were involved in business and Cantonese people were lived at Sandakan Town, Kota Kinabalu and Tawau. The migration of Chinese from China was less due to Japanese took over China at World War Two. Most of the Chinese entered to Malaysia with a contract system had by their respective agents. Eventually the system was eliminated because most of the.

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