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Open Door Policy On Migration of Foreign Talent

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Open Door Policy On Migration of Foreign Talent

Open Door Policy on Migration of Foreign Talent? That is to welcome foreigner talents into a particular country. Counties like Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Singapore has been showing interest in the migration pool. Recently, Singapore’s Government introduced the white paper bill. The white paper bill is mainly to increase Singapore’s population through migrations.

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Open Door Policy On Migration of Foreign Talent
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As Singapore’s population is ageing, the percentage of old people in the population will be more than that of the young people in many years time.

The white paper bill not only has got immediate effects on increasing Singapore’s population, it is also within the Government’s control. As Singapore is a well developed country, many foreigners would choose to migrate to Singapore.

With all the foreigners migrating to Singapore, the Government is good at controlling the flow of foreigners allowed to migrate into Singapore. Other than that, not much money would be need to attract the foreigners a Singapore is a well developed country and that would be enough to attract many foreigners.

Firstly, a well-developed country would actually be attracting many foreigners and secondly Singapore is really safe. Therefore not much money would be needed to attract foreigners. Foreign talents not only helped to increase Singapore’s population decrease Singapore’s ageing population growth rate, they also help by providing health care, elder care and domestic services to support Singapore’s ageing population and working families. After migrating the foreign talents would actually take up jobs like nursing, so that provides health care for Singapore. Some of the foreigners came over to Singapore to be domestic helpers; working families would hire domestic helpers to do the chores or to help provide babysitting services.

Foreign talents can contribute to Singapore by providing skills and expertise and also their market knowledge. That would allow Singapore-based companies to be able to product brand new products and to penetrate markets to serve Singapore and other countries. Not only that, they help to bring in the correct balance of skilled and less-skilled workers in the industry. Once there is a competition between the Singaporeans and the foreign talents, Singaporeans would upgrade themselves better so that they would be able to get a higher-skilled job and the foreigners would be helping Singapore with the lower-skilled jobs.

They help build housings and infrastructures, and do conservancy and maintenance work, thus allowing Singaporeans to be able to enjoy good services at a bearable cost and to contribute to the quality of life. During economic booms, foreign talents would make possible to expand businesses flexibly and quickly. They safeguard Singaporeans from losing their jobs during economic downturns.

A part from all the advantages, Singaporeans have large concerns over the competition from the foreign talents. Singaporeans will be fighting over jobs and housing with foreign talents. Some foreigners would expect lesser benefits from the companies they are working for as they might not come from a very well doing country and therefore do not expect much even with the similar qualifications. Some of them will expect lesser wages for the same job, rather than hiring a Singaporean, a foreigner would be hired instead.

Foreign talents should not be expecting lesser wages or benefits, as that would be unfair to Singaporeans. Employee benefits should be accommodated in terms of work performance instead. Everyone should be treated equally so that there wouldn’t be issues like competition for jobs.

With the accommodative policies, approximately 6.1 million Singaporeans, permanent residents and foreigners have profited from the economic growth, it have kept Singapore’s workforce competitive world wide. Foreign talents have given Singapore more advantages rather than disadvantages. They have also helped the growth in the manpower shortage in the industry in 2004, which allows the economy to grow beyond the limits of Singapore’s workforce.

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