Misha Collins Biography

As he started acting, he decided to use his nickname as his stage name. Now, a tad bit of history on Mishaps. He’s from Greenfield, Massachusetts, has stunning blue eyes, and is best known for his role as Castles on the TV show Supernatural. Before that, when he was a kid, he grew up with a single mother on welfare and a brother. As a child, there were times when his family would not have been able to celebrate Christmas, if not for his neighbors giving his mother money for presents. During the times that they were homeless, people helped them.

All of those acts of kindness impacted him as child, and are the main reason why he started his charity, Random Acts, but more on that later. When he was in high school, he used to play the saxophone, up until his house burnt down, and he wasn’t able to get another one. Also in high school, he went to a Halloween party dressed in drag. Surprising, he was so pretty that his classmates didn’t recognize him, and started to hit on him. His girlfriend was not pleased. As Mishaps got older, he interned at the White House for four months during the Clinton Administration in the office of Presidential Personnel.

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According to Mr.. Collins, he stole a few secret service badges and made a mobile out of them. Yes, that’s illegal, but some of the things he’s done have been illegal. One time, he got arrested because he went on top of a bank to read a book because he “Needed better lighting. ” Another time he organized a tea party in the middle of a highway with his friends, yet when a cop was sent to stop them and end the tea party, he ended up joining them for tea. In Maine, on October 6th, 2001, he got married to his high school sweet heart, Victoria Phantom, who is a writer.

On September 23rd, 2010, they had their first child. West Necromancer Collins. Him and his father have a cooking show on Youth called Cooking Fast and Fresh with West. Which is pretty much Mishaps getting bossed around by his son while they attempt to make food. Madison Marie Collins was born two years and two days after her brother. So, that would be September 25th, 2012. In interviews, he’s informed his fans of many things, so of which are odd. He’s said that once a 300-year-old maple tree fell in his mothers yard, so he decided to make his girlfriend a bed out of it.

He’s slept in an igloo, and according to him that was a very negative experience. He likes to kayak, snowboard, run marathons, and bike. He has spent several months in seclusion in monasteries in Tibet where he learned Tibetan throat singing. He is also a certified lifeguard, MET and motorcyclist. He worked as a carpenter and woodworker to help pay his way through college, where he got a BAA is Social Theory. His job helped some of his future projects, like building a house for his wife, and build almost all the furniture in his house. A few years ago, he renewed his wedding vows.

The interesting thing was that they did it in a supermarket while Mr.. Collins was dressed in drag, and was holding a bouquet of vegetables. There are a few things that make Mishaps interesting. He loves green tea and kale. Has, or at least used to have, two turtles, is six feet tall, and his wife and him made each other personalized wedding rings. One time he was alone at a restaurant with his son. The owner brought him flowers and wished him a happy mother’s day. This time, he wasn’t in drag. Jarred Padlock beat Mishaps in Words with Friends.

Mishaps owed him 31970 and paid in four buckets of coins, which he poured into Shred’s car. The only way he was able to get it out was by vacuuming up the coins. He is a published poet. His poems can be found in the 2008 edition of Columbia Poetry Review #21. They are Baby Pants and Old Bones. Old Bones go like this: This morning The smell of bacon Brought me downstairs But before reached The open kitchen door A voice stopped me My mother telling Her Old, arthritic dog “l know sweetness You’ve been carrying those bones For a long time. I leaned unseen On the mildewed Window sill Watching her Sip coffee Fry bacon Her old dog Pressing at her knee. Mishaps Collins started acting in 1998, and is still acting to this day. In one of his more known movies, Karl, he played a serial killer, but has openly said that he regrets making it, due to the nature of the real life events it was based upon. On Supernatural, he stated in 2008, which was season four, and is still on it to this day. The show is on its tenth season, and plays on the OCW.

Mishaps has played many different characters on the show, but is mostly known as an angel named Castles, or Case, as he’s mostly referred to. H?s also played Jimmy Novak, himself, and a leviathan who thought himself as God. To prepare for the role, he read Revelation. His fame on Supernatural caused the Megalopolises on the website Tumbler. It took place on April 1st, 2013. Many of the users changed their account picture to this picture of Mishaps Collins face, and created many pictures and gifts using the same face. It went on or a solid 24 hours exactly.

Once the 24 hours were up, the website looked like it used too and all the icon were changed from Mishaps Collins, back to their original account picture. His description on his twitter page reads ‘Actor Baker Candlestick Maker. ‘ He is an actor, he is known to bake with his son, but people aren’t really sure about the candlestick maker part. He is also known to be a director, as he has directed a few episodes of Supernatural and a few short films. On his twitter account, his profile picture is of him wearing a boys hat, holding a pig.

Also in the account, he refers to his followers as ‘minions’ and has repeatedly claimed that he has plans for world domination. Mishaps Collins holds a couple of Guinness World Records. He created the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (G. I. S. H. W. H. E. S. ) and his min ions from all over the world participated. They made news for making Christmas Trees fly. He got a record for organizing the world’s largest international photo scavenger hunt in November 201 1 . He does a lot of charity work, and as mentioned before, he started his own hearty called Random Acts.

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