Modern Terrorism vs. Traditional Terrorism

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Modern Terrorism vs.

Traditional TerrorismA radical change has been observed in character of terrorism across the globe (Walter Laqueur, 1999). It is more violent and frequent now.  The phenomenon, often termed as modern terrorism has posed new threats to the community, at large. Although a number of scholars have criticized this notion as tool for new anti terror measures.

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(Alexander Spencer, 2006). But incidents like Oklahoma City bombing, the tragedy of 9/11 and recent suicide attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are forcing us to revisit our strategies against terrorism.It is, therefore, a natural quest to compare traditional and modern terrorism. Comparison can be made on following points.

Firstly, new terrorism is highly violent as compare to traditional one. Old terrorist activities were limited in range as well as in the causalities resulted, wherefrom. Now, not only new technology of ammunition is available to these groups but they have successfully demonstrated the art to use airplane and human beings as weapon in their war. (Kegley, C.

W., 2006)Secondly, the terrorist activities were confined to their respective areas but in the recent past these groups have demonstrated their presence and strength with transnational dimensions. Al Qaeda is believed to have their roots in America too. Similarly, their actions are not confined to some territory.

Advance communication media has also provided loosely integrated transnational chapters of a terrorist organization to propagate for them and to keep their command.Thirdly, the financing sources for these organizations have grown a lot. These groups are not only involved in illegal trade and  money laundering to collect their revenues but also legitimate business’ and accounts to support.(White, J.

R., 2006)Fourthly, the ideology behind these activities has been redefined. No more political agendas are on the table but modern terrorists are looking at the systems as unworkable and are looking for fundamental changes according to their philosophies. (Cody Brown, 2007).

Furthermore, these organizations are not inclined to have any political solution, short of their demands.More and more violence, increasing causalities on part of common people and mounting threat to our sovereignty are now pressing us to take stern use of force. At the same time, it is required that all financing and ammunition must be cut off with the help of international community.              ReferencesAlexander Spencer, Questioning the Concept of ‘New Terrorism’ Peace Conflict &         Development, Issue 8, January 2006 retrieved on 16th May,2009, from      www. Brown, 2007, The New Terrorism Debate, Alternatives: Turkish Journal of            International Relations, vol. 6, Fall & Winter 2007Kegley, C.

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, 2006. Terrorism and Homeland Security. (5th Ed.).

Belmont, CA: Thomson-            Wadsworth.       

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