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Despite there being many differences, both Snow White and Snow White Tale of Terror are based on jealousy. As viewers watch the movies, they are captivated by the enigmatic mirror and intrigued by the unique interpretations of the storyline, all while knowing that a joyful conclusion awaits. Both films effectively sustain audience engagement until the very end.

In both versions of the movie, a mirror is featured. In the more traditional version, the wicked stepmother utilizes the mirror to ensure that she remains the most beautiful. However, in the terror version, the mirror alters reality and portrays the stepmother as beautiful, presenting her with her desired image rather than the truth. Despite the differing mirrors, Snow White is still considered the fairest in both cases, leading to the stepmothers plotting her demise. Ultimately, their plans backfire and they meet their own demise, serving as an example of the consequence of playing with fire and experiencing its consequences. Their envy ultimately results in their own deaths.

The major difference between the two story lines lies in the role of the dwarfs in Snow White’s life. In the traditional version, she stumbles upon their cottage while they are away and helps them by cleaning. When they return, they welcome her with open hearts and look up to her like a mother, offering their unconditional love. On the other hand, in the terror tale, the dwarfs discover Snow White and persistently harass her because of her royal background. They reject her and consider her to bring bad luck. However, in this version, one of the dwarfs eventually falls in love with her and they end up together instead of her prince. This surprising twist adds an interesting element to the plot.

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