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Monde Nissin Corporation

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Monde Nissin Corporation has been supplying Filipino consumers high quality merchandises and first-class service for about 29 old ages. With the company’s thrust for excellence and uninterrupted invention. Monde Nissin later ventured into instant noodles in November of 1989.

Lucky Me! launches its Instant Mami noodle soup discrepancies. Beef and Chicken spirits. both discrepancies had later become the fastest merchandising discrepancies within the section. Therefore. our survey will be concentrating peculiarly on “Lucky Maine! Beef na Beef noodles. ”

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Monde Nissin Corporation
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Lucky Me! Beef na Beef noodles is the closest thing to one of the Filipino’s favourite viand Nilagang Baka.

a easy boiled beef brisket with a mix of murphies and chou. This merchandise is known for its characteristics as certified NAPA ( No Artificial Preservatives Added ) and HALAL accredited ( considered the civilization and tradition of Muslim consumers for consumable goods ) .

Encourage by the popularity gained by Lucky Me! Instant Mami. noodles with soup in pouches. Monde Nissin came up with other number ones. such as Lucky Me! Pancit Canton.

the first dry noodle in the market. and Lucky Me! Supreme La Paz Batchoy. the first bowl noodle available in that spirit. Besides. Lucky Me! creates exhilaration in the class through the debut of Instant Spaghetti. Bihon and Sotanghon.

To assist advance more alimentary merchandises. Lucky Me! squads up with the Department of Health ( DOH ) in a pioneering attempt to assist relieve malnutrition and hungriness in the Philippines by strengthening its noodles with vitamins and minerals. With this. the DOH officially certified Lucky Me! with the Sangkap Pinoy Seal. guaranting the consumers an consumption of at least one-third of the day-to-day demand of the micronutrients that it has been fortified with Vitamin A and/or Fe.

Because of the said attempts and accomplishments of Lucky Me! . it has been officially became a member of World Instant Noodles Association ( WINA ) . It is an association formed to better the quality of instant noodles and increase its ingestion through the common exchange of information by makers around the universe. to discourse environmental and proficient issues. and to advance common friendly relationship. thereby heightening diets worldwide and lending to the development of the industry.

For more than two decennaries now. Monde Nissin has steadily and sharply lift to be one of the country’s taking nutrient makers. From its first biscuits. Monde Nissin Corporation has evolved into a Prime Minister Food Company. which has systematically been among the Philippines Top 100 Companies since 2000. And now. its merchandises are continuously endeavoring to go the market leader in their several classs.

And to give back to their loyal clients and besides to organize portion to their advertizements. Lucky Maine! launched “Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga” ( Family Meals Matter ) advocy. which promotes frequent household repasts together as a simple but effectual manner to raise happy. healthy and successful kids. And to beef up this protagonism. the company reinforces this with the launch of National FaMealy Day “Araw ng Pagkilala na ang Kainang Pamilya ay Mahalaga. this is to mark that household repasts affair.

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