SIA Corporation Case Essay

What are some of the social, political, and economic forces that are influencing SIA’s decision to become a learning organization? - SIA Corporation Case Essay introduction?? When SIA Corporation decides to become a learning organization that SIA manager thinks about developing five discipline: system thinking, shared vision, challenging mental models, team learning, and personal mastery in which everyone is engaged in identifying and solving problems, enabling the organization to continuously experiment, improve, and increase its capability.

In the early years of the new century, many companies use behavioral sciences approach that means they use information and techniques from the social sciences to improve organizations health and improving internal relationships, and increasing problem for solving capabilities. In that time, social and political environment is changing. If SIA Corporation keep their own political policy, and keep its own hierarchy, characterized by strong top-down administration, SIA could not able to see or compete to other organizations as competition for achieving its goal. Those companies which seek to undertake organizational learning will surely gain competitive advantage over those who don’t. Improved capabilities and core competencies are built. Some simple steps, such as proper documenting, will prevent mistakes from being made twice. A company will not grow to its full potential unless organizational learning is taking place. Without organizational learning, companies will not be able to compete and thus will disappear”

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2. If you were a specialist at SIA, how and why would you respond to the proposed changes? What steps would you suggest Jerry take to increase employee utilization of the knowledge-sharing system in particular? How can he encourage SIA employees to share information? It is the best idea of changing the proposal because it is one of the best ways to develop organization, improve employees’ technology skills, increase relationship between employees and employees and managers, and meet customers’ need.

The first thing, Jerry should let his employees understand social, political, and economic forces that make this transition. He also should create a good relationship between employers and employees, and led them clear the goal and purpose SIA organization. Therefore, managers of each department need to be training to associate with their employees. Looking at a whole system of organization, and listening ideas from their employees, leaving a chance for ach employee creates her or his skill and ability.

Managers and leaderships need to reduce the Bureaucratic paradigm in SIA Corporation because the Learning Organization is fundamentally different from Bureaucratic organization such as, “Whereas the Bureaucratic paradigm manages by reductionism …the L. O. has a holistic preference, never forgetting the whole system. Whereas the Bureaucratic paradigm claims to be ‘value free’, the L. O. tands openly on certain values — on respect for human beings, who are far more than ‘human resources’ or ‘factors of production’, on responsibilities between people, on collective commitments to communities of work and expression, on the struggle towards truth in improving processes of interaction and improving oneself. ” When employees work together and look for the problems, they can learn more knowledge and technology skills, understanding special customer needs, and knowing that sustained competitive advantage. Managers try to do not impress employees who are lack of technology skills but need to encourage them.

R&D Corporation is a good example for success in business, “Teams with members from R&D, Marketing, Training, Public Relations, Advertising, and Sales work together to learn what the technology is, how it will best serve the needs of the customers, and where it should be positioned in the market. Once the team formulates their initial plans and assumptions about the product, they test them with industry experts, customers, and others to determine if they are accurate or if new knowledge can be gained from these outside sources.

Once a final plan and positioning is created, the knowledge gained by the team is leveraged with the rest of the company, particularly the sales force, executives, and partners worldwide to ensure a successful product launch and the adoption of the technology by customers. ” 3. What general obstacles would you foresee in a company such as SIA trying to make the transition from a hierarchical, or bureaucratic, to a learning organization? What are some general measures managers can take to smooth the way?

The biggest obstacle that SIA has solved is the manager agreed to ship from bureaucratic organization to learning organization. However, they also have many obstacles to deal with such as changing habit, law, culture, and value of organization. The elements of the bureaucratic model are still evident in the organization, and the lifetime of SIA is dominated by bureaucracy so long as Barry Sugarman stated, “Even in such a favorable setting for change, we must appreciate the stupendous inertial power of bureaucratic organizations.

So long as we try to change organizations with their own culture and history, carried by those long-time members, there will be a huge force for continuing old patterns…. Everyone who has worked in the old structure has mastered a set of bureaucratic survival skills, enmeshed in the old mental models…. These old habits will reappear as soon as things get difficult. ” Therefore, the manager should set up the new culture, value, and norm for SIA Corporation and let employees try to learn and adapt a new environment.

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