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Merits and Demerits of Fame

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Fame can be defined as popularity towards other people. Some people argue that fame can destroy lives. However, other people think that fame is good way of live. Nevertheless fame does have advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage Is having a large amount of money. Famous people are traveling all over the world, “lath the opportunity to know and understand Interesting place’s cultures and people. They have very beautiful, big and expensive residences with large swimming pools, fitness rooms something we can only dream about.

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Merits and Demerits of Fame
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They can buy expensive clothes, cars and Jewelry. Secondly people who are very famous sometimes can be very well liked, with people taking care of all their wants and needs. They have their own social fun club, which can involve luxury treatment and desires, you only have to see the television shows about the life In Alas Vegas regarding the special treatment the luxury hotels give to there famous guest. Popular people can be Important In society, Lech can help In various cases such as charity work for example.

In conclusion there life In some ways can be so much easier and better than ordinary people. However fame does have its disadvantages. Firstly, people know what famous people are doing, how they live and aspects of their private lives, this is usually through newspapers and television. Stars do not have private lives. What is more, they still have to smile at the camera through the paparazzi. A more alarming fact to being famous is the fans themselves, while some have good interests at heart others are ore unstable and psychotic with less positive intentions.

As a result they must have a bodyguard, who has the Job of being with the individual day and night wherever they might go. Another key factor to being famous is “do you really know who your true friends are” do these people around you have your best interests at heart, or is it lust a way to get a good life for themselves. So with all the fame does the large amount of money have a negative effect? Famous people sometimes do not know hat to do because they can do everything; money is no problem for them.

Addictions, depression, insanities can be effects of this amazing lifestyle that they lead. In conclusion, fame, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages. Some people like be famous because some individuals are sociable and easygoing, but other people do not want to famous because they are shy and they prefer to a have private life to enjoy what they have with very close family. So which lifestyle Is better Is better for you, Money or privacy?

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