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The National Jazz Hall of Fame

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Case describes the problems faced by Mr. Rutland the founder of the National Jazz Hall of Fame (NJHF). Basically the NJHF was established to maintain a jazz museum in an old Paramount theatre. For doing that he needed funding around 600 000$. Over all there are three main problems: 1. How to raise funding for the project; 2. How to organize a professional team which can execute the project; 3. How to organize marketing activities to attract national recognition.

Problems 1 and 3 were closely linked with professional team issue, because organization couldn’t rise the funding due to inexperienced team leader as well team didn’t had clear vision how to attract visitors to the hall and make it popular and profitable.

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The National Jazz Hall of Fame
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To find some solution Mr. Rutland asked consultants for the help. They suggested three possible solutions: * Direct mail campaign (would help to rise funds) (1); * Appoint full time executive director (2); * Promote NJHF in right location (3). Alternative Nr. 1. Direct mail campaign is good idea, because the calculations showed that NJHF would reach a break even, if at least 2% of audience would contribute 25.

00$ to the project. At the same time the existing financial possibilities were very limited and they couldn’t afford such campaign at that point. (NJHF had 2500$, but the campaign would cost approximately 30 000$). Taking in mind financial constrains as well they do not had strong team, which could manage this marketing campaign, this solution would be too risky.

Alternative Nr. 2. I would evaluate as the most important one, because as mentioned beforehand, for NJHF was hard to get funding due to fact that team was not experienced. Professional project manager was essential to earn confidence from possible sponsors and investors as well to execute project well. There was a lot of work to be done in team building, marketing, finances etc. , where projects managers not operations managers skills are essential. Alternative Nr. 3 was good solution, due to the fact that there were many unrealized possibilities how to establish NJHF brand.

As survey showed location was good for Jazz hall, but they should be doing more marketing activities to gain popularity. For example work more closely with famous musicians as other halls did. For example, they could develop some win-win ideas, like popular musicians give concerts where all incomes would be sponsored to establish NJFH, gaining reputation and publicity etc. As survey showed people would be interested in many other activities, not only to visit museum. With a help of concerns, classes, seminars and other NJHF could establish loyal relationships with its visitors.

These all are possibilities for NJHF to become important cultural player at the city. By establishing this status more city politicians would be more interested to help NJHF, because hall would help to attract more tourists and attract money to city. To sum up the main roll in this case is need for professional Project Manager who would be able to execute project and rise funding for project. The next step when hall would become successful they can think about developing national wide.

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The National Jazz Hall of Fame. (2017, Mar 03). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-national-jazz-hall-of-fame/

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