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Moonrise Kingdom Analysis Outline

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Suez and her binoculars Adventure Can go whenever they want Thesis Sentence : The director Of the movie Moonrise Kingdom uses objects and camera angles, proportion, ND soundtracks of the movie to portray freedom as the wild and the society as a cramped space to develop the conflict between freedom and the society. Topic Sentence 1 : The director illustrates freedom as a widen field or meadow and shows t hat freedom is a calm and empty, different from the society. Evidence 1 : The sound effects in the meadow scene are basically all the sounds that are made in the nature.

The sound effects are all made up with natural sounds such as birds chirping and the sound of water flow, making the scene look more natural and more calm. The meadow is contrasted from the sounds from the church that were actually made of instruments, not natural sounds.

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Moonrise Kingdom Analysis Outline
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Evidence 2 : The field is portrayed as an empty space by showing a huge gap between the TV children when they meet.

The director also presents the meadow and forest as a open area, by showing the huge gap between the two people at the beginning of the scene. Also by showing that there is no one else in the scene, we can know that the director s emphasizing the emptiness of nature and how peaceful it is. Evidence 3 : Suez uses her binoculars to observe what is happening across the river. Sing binoculars means that the object she is looking at is huge and is amazing. Suez using binoculars also mean that she is looking at something fantastic or something that she has never seen before.

The binoculars is used to deliver a message how fascinating freedom is and how Suez was blocked from enjoying that kind of freedom. Topic Sentence 2 : The director portrays the society as the church and the dressing room and SST dates that the society is a crammed up, enclosed space with imprisonment. : The unanchored instruments are played at the play and gives a uncomfortable e feeling. The unanchored instruments are like chaos and feel like there is some kind of disaster in the church. The uncomfortable sounds emphasize the chaotic situation of the church and how people want to get away from It. : Everyone watching the show was sitting in a line and was quiet all the time.

People are all watching the show sitting in line and being quiet so they can watch the show. This shows that society is full of rules and has lots of constrictions which differs from the nature where there aren’t constrictions. : The woman kicks Sam out of the dressing room and makes almost all the girl to go up on stage. This also shows how the society is ruled by other people who have more powers and have more rights. The ones who don’t have that much power are demanded to follow rules. Topic Sentence 3 : The director presents the two young characters to compare the atmosphere of freedom and society using their actions, perspectives and dialogue. ; Sam gives Suez a bundle Of flowers as a gift or symbol Of friendship.

Sam giving Suez a bundle of flowers is like a symbol giving freedom to Suez. Flowers are sometimes symbols of nature, leading to that Sam is giving Suez he opportunity to enjoy freedom and the nature. : Sam asks Suez if we was followed by someone and Suez says “no” to him. This shows that freedom is something you can enjoy when the society doesn’t bother you. Sam asking Suez if someone followed her means that Sam isn’t letting society break up his own freedom. : Suez used her mothers perfume before she came out of the house into the nature. Suez using her mothers perfume means that she is still part of the society an d will need help from it no matter what she does in her freedom.

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