Morality Is Moral Only When Voluntary Essay

Morality is moral only when voluntary Good morning friends, teachers and respected judges. Today I stand here in favour of the topic that morality is moral only when voluntary. One cannot be moral if they are being forced to follow a set of instructions to lead a life if good deeds. This can only be done by a family till a specific age group.

After that age it all depends on an individual about how the person can follow the ethics taut o them by their families and parents.

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Morality Is Moral Only When Voluntary
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Morality is a difference between good and bad. The sets of morals are a set of sayings which are supposed to be followed be people around the world. One can be forced to follow all the morals but when one is doing so it will not be called morality but it will just be like an obligation to a person. Not killing animals is a moral.

If one follows this moral due to the being penalized or being put to jail one will not be said to be moral but if one voluntarily choose not to kill animals then this will be known as morality.

When one follows ethics and morals just to stay out of trouble then we cannot say this is morality but it will be just that the person is being moral only for one sole purpose of trying to avoid being a victim of unforeseen circumstances which can occur due to people not following the morals and ethics of mankind.

With moral comes great responsibility also one’s morals show how a person lives his or her life and how one can make by not following a basic moral and making it a crime. To conclude I would like to say that Morality is Moral only and only when one does is voluntarily and not done when someone is behind a person to do something in a proper manner

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