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Mother and Civil Life Respect

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“We put more emphasis on celebrating our parents (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc) than we do on respecting them. Still, respect for one’s parents is the highest duty of civil life”

respect, as honesty and responsibility, are core values for having a good relationship with our parents, which is really important. We must treat our parents with regard and consideration, because these are the people who brought us in this world. Life is the very first gift we all have and it’s the most precious gift that each and every one of us will ever have.

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Mother and Civil Life Respect
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In addition to this, they don’t only give us life, but plenty of their time trying to make us educated, happy people. Since we are born, they spend all their free time with us, until we grow up, and they work hard to give us the best they can. They make a huge effort with us and they forgive us almost everything.

That’s why sometimes we don’t respect them as much as they deserve, because we know they are going to pardon us, no matter what we do. But that’s a very selfish behavior that we should try to avoid, and we should show more respect to our parents. Moreover, we have to consider that our family is probably the only people who are going to be with us all their life, helping us in the difficult moments, so we better treat them with consideration and grateful. And it is important that our fathers show respect to us too, because that is the base of a good relationship, the mutual respect.

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