Movie Review: Seven Pounds

Gerron Herring English 1020 Dr - Movie Review: Seven Pounds introduction. Oneal Movie Review: Seven Pounds “God created the earth in seven days and I shattered mine in seven sec”. This quote from the very beginning of the movie seven pounds was the first and last referral to Christianity. The movie Seven Pounds hardly refers to any religion which really makes me think that it is the purpose to see the underline of the story. Even though Seven Pounds does not make it evident that the storyline is not referring directly to Christianity, it does not mean that it cannot be. From a Christian stand point your mistake and faults can be made up.

Making up for what is lost is not impossible. The only thing that is lost and impossible to make up for is time. You can take a life and give life. Giving life is a gift from God, but taking a life is a sin. Ultimately God rules over all. Mentioned in the New York Times movie review Will Smith’s latest movies have gone from comedy to ultimate sacrifice his past to box office hits are both centered around one man on his own, and having to make a sacrifice for the lives of others. Either he uses this storyline for the money or he really trying to portrait the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus in a subliminal manner.

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The movie seven pounds is and should be considered Will Smith at his best. Will Smith has made a strong transition from his hit movies Men in Black and Wild Wild West to stunning performances in I am legend and the movie Seven Pounds. This transition of comedy storylines to a major, but good turn around to roles of heroism. I believe this started with the movie Pursuit to Happiness. He captured audience’s minds and souls on how he takes on this one man on mission roles and absolutely crushes them. Now what next to expect from Will Smith, but referring to the impression he has left in his fans mind an eye is Seven Pounds.

In this story he acts as Tim Thomas. A man who get into terrible car wreck one night from making the mistake of texting while driving and ends up taking seven peoples lives. This wreck triggers him to go on a relentless conquest of redemption of his guilt. Many people in the movie know him as Ben Thomas his alias, but it turns out to be his brother’s name. He’s using his brother’s name to pose as an I. R. S. Agent to help him disguise himself so that he can work his way into people’s lives anonymously with out them thinking anything suspicious.

On his conquest of redemption he seems to be good man just trying to make a difference, but take a closer look at what the movie Seven Pounds portraits then it will be prevalent that this movie could be based off the story of Jesus Christ. What makes the movie Seven Pounds such a deep movie is the simple fact that not once in the movie did anyone make any relevance to any type of Christianity. This movie could vary much be called out on plagiarism. The story has so much relevance to the story of Jesus Christ and some people all across America can watch this movie and say this plot sounds and looks familiar, and not know where I know it from.

Try the bible starting in the first chapter in Matthew. In the movie there are several points that show relevance to the story of Jesus Christ. For those who are familiar with the story of Christ the movie Seven Pounds refers more to the walk of Christ. Jesus is known for miraculous works of God. From feeding thousands to healing the sick, one of Jesus main purpose was to give people a chance to live a new abundant life through him. Will Smiths character Tim/Ben Thomas displays that same purpose in his life triggered by the seven lives he has taken including his wife.

He feels that he must impact and change seven other lives for the lives he has taken. This movie is so profound that I can go on all day nit picking at different similarities. Instead there are three broad relations between the movie and Jesus Christ. Starting with comparison of Jesus and how he works his miracles. Rosario Dawson character Emily Rosa shows Ben Thomas her office where she used to do all her publishing work. Inside the office she had an antique printing press that she shows him nicked named “The Beast”.

She says to Ben “I can not find anybody to fix it, its kind of a dying art”, as she referred to her 1956 printing press, basically it seemed to be a lost cause. Ben Thomas takes it upon himself to fix the machine. Something that seems impossible to fix Ben Thomas tackled that feat. Just as Jesus would perform the impossible, another comparison, Jesus was known for his miraculous healings of giving sight to blind. Woody Harolson character Ezra a blind pianist is given sight from Ben Thomas. His new eyes were actual Ben’s eyes and where given to him after Ben dies, even though he did not Ezra sight in the same fashion as Jesus.

You can easily see the comparison. During Jesus last hours before he dies on the cross, he endures so much physical abuse and pain that no other man could ever take. There is a scene toward the end of the movie where Ben Thomas gives bone marrow for the boy with cancer. From the expression of his face it looked as if he was experiencing grueling pain. The part was toward the end of the movie around the time he goes through with his death showing its relevance to Jesus last hours. Also relaying to biblical reference the number seven is a representation of completion.

God created the earth in seven days and rested on the last day. It shows symbolism of how he helped seven people and he could finally go to rest. There are many different views of the movie Seven Pounds, but this is the one I stand by “Only God Can Judge Me”, which the movies says me. Others may feel that he is just a man trying to make up for his mistakes. But in reality aren’t we all guilty of trying to fix our mistakes. God has a plan designed for every single soul in this world whether it may seem to be bad or good, but as long as it’s in Gods will then it’s the right way.

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