I have a dream: Martin Luther King

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Martin Luther King had a dream and he ultimately sacrificed his life for it. We all possess dreams, regardless of their magnitude. What are my aspirations? Well, my desires correspond with three of the five themes this year: “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter,” “A Chicken in every Pot; a Car in every Garage,” and “To the Beat of a Different Drummer.” How do my dreams align with these shared yearnings? One involves the pursuit of love, another entails attaining success in both personal and professional aspects, and the third revolves around following God. When we mention “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter,” what does it signify?

Love and caring are crucial for human connection, as believed by many individuals. Whether we seek to experience these emotions ourselves or share them with others, love and care play a fundamental role in our lives. Love is a simple concept that stems from admiration or benevolence, while caring involves expressing affection towards someone. Without these emotions, feelings of isolation and loneliness can arise. Now, let’s explore how all of this pertains to my personal journey.

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Like many others, I held onto the dream of experiencing love and fitting into the familiar narrative of the lonely hunter. I yearned for someone who would reciprocate my love. However, when I thought I had finally found true love, it turned out to be an illusion. Surprisingly, approximately four months ago, I came across genuine love that fulfilled all my desires.

The novel “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” explores the theme of feeling cared for and loved, as demonstrated by the protagonist’s reunion with a woman who had been absent from his life for more than a year. Their mutual affection epitomizes individuals’ desires for companionship and love, similar to those pursued by the “lonely hunter.” Moreover, the phrase “A Chicken in every Pot; a Car in every Garage” represents both social equality and symbolizes the American Dream. This aspiration arose during the Great Depression as an achievable goal.

The question that arises is how does this relate to my dream? My dream is to have a family and provide them with the best. However, even if we only possess enough food for sustenance and a car in the garage, I firmly believe that my family will still be content because we will have God and our love for each other. This sets us apart from many other families who may possess greater material wealth but lack the presence of God. The “American Dream” cannot be fully achieved without a spiritual connection. My goal is not simply to attain the American Dream as conventionally defined, but rather to strive for a Godly American Dream! I embody the expression “To the Beat of a Different Drummer” perfectly. Being an enthusiastic Christian, I serve as the leader of Drama Force, which is a drama team that I established within my youth group.

Despite the persecution faced by Christians for their beliefs, I remain unwavering in my love for God. Like Huck Finn’s loyalty to Jim, despite societal norms, I too embrace my friendship with God. I stand by Him because the positives outweigh any negatives. Experiencing God’s love gives me purpose in serving Him. Martin Luther King Jr. had a visionary dream that he was willing to sacrifice his life for and similarly, I aspire to show that level of dedication and commitment towards achieving my dream. My desire is to live a fulfilling life and attain my own version of the American Dream.

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