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My American Dream

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  • Pages 4
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    My American Dream is to have a successful Job, have a beautiful house/mansion and have a family but basically it Is to live in peace, freedom, and wealth to take care of ourselves and well education so that my children may have a better life. The American Dream is define as achieving happiness through moral comfort and ability through hard work and determination that eventually will rewards us with wealth and status. Most people come to the united Stated to achieve their American Dream.

    In America all one needs Is a dream and the motivation to carry out the dream. Ambition is what drives us to take control of their American Dream. It allows anyone that has an aspiration, a desire, a yearning to carry on. To achieve my dream I need to work hard because I want a free care comfortable life where I don’t have worry about paying bills, not having enough food and etc. It is a simple dream that everyone thrives for it and but achieving that dream have obstacles in front that most people give up without trying.

    I believe that life gives you not what you think you deserve but what you fight for. To achieve my American Dream need to create a path that will lead me to my goal. In these times of days achieving your dream is getting harder and harder. But even though it is harder to accomplish these goals today, with hard work, they are still reachable no matter what they may be. Many people would give up their dream without the struggle of even trying but my American Dream of having a good education, a successful Job, and love will come true.

    To make my dream come true I need education because having a DOD education has seemed to become the most important item in order to be successful In the united states, so for me to achieve my American Dream, I must also have a higher education. The first step is to complete and graduate high school. My parents have always pushed me to have a high grade point average by obtaining all Ass and Bi’s and to always be on the honor roll. So I have been encouraged to work hard In order to make my parents and myself proud of my school accomplishments.

    After graduating from high school, I am expected to go on to continue my education tit college. So far in my family members none have gained this further education or received any other degree. I want to go on to achieve this not only continue to make my family proud, but to also help to me reach my career goal. For me to have the future Job that I want to obtain, I must continue on for four or more years and get the highest degree possible in that field. Finally after receiving this degree.

    I will continue to take some college courses throughout my years, so I can continually move up in my career. All in all, having a vast education is important for me and many others who have high expectations and dreams for themselves. So far I am Interested In continuing my education but there is someone whiffs challenging me in achieving my dream. It is I who hesitate in facing my obstacles every day because I am afraid of getting rejected or trying something new knowing that I may Like It or not. But to achieve my goal I need to face my problems that’s get in my way.

    That means facing the facts that nothing will come easy to me as long as I onto try hard enough to achieve From another point of view need motivation from someone who understand me of what I am going through and help me in my tofu become like them. The basic fact that I want make a lot of money is like becoming a multi-millionaire is everyone dream but it my goal that I will achieve it. The American Dream is no more or less equal to that fact that everyone dream in this country is to get married, have a Job which will last a long time with a good pay, a beautiful house with back and front yard where you see your kids playing.

    Now that I live in America I think I have more chance of making my dream into a reality because here there are lot opportunities that are provided in achieving in your dream. During the process of achieving your dream, we need to face the fact there’s going to be a lot of challenges ahead. Meaning that the individual person has to work hard and also manage the time between work and family, pay off the bills or mortgage loans. With all the hard work and the struggle of achieving your goal will make our lives worthwhile.

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