My Dream To Be An Astronaut

I am honored to be one of the few who have been considered for the Alien Life Mission. Growing up I have always wanted to be an astronaut. Now, my lifelong dream is possible, thanks to fantastic space programs like yours. I have thought a lot about why I made it this far, and I believe it is because my strengths on this expedition far outweigh my weaknesses.

Growing up, I was always an athlete. That was my lifestyle. Any chance my brothers and I could get to play a soccer, football or baseball game we would. Whether that was at the beach or in the middle of the street with all the neighborhood kids on Thanksgiving. All throughout middle and high school I played soccer at one of the highest levels in the game. That taught me how to be mentally tough and to reach for my goals. My love for sports and fitness in the end, lead me to here. The Space Camp was extreme and one of the hardest things I have even endured physically and mentally. Personally, I do not know if would of made it without sports.

Now, being fit is important. However, with that needs to come academic success and problem solving skills. In this journey, all school subjects no matter how small come in hand. My parents when I was just starting High School said, “Being a well rounded person is more important than just being good at one thing. To be great you must be great at everything.” This was a motto I soon came to live by, not just in school but life as well. In school, I maintained an overall average above 95 and was in the National Junior Honor Society. I joined many sports teams and played the flute in concert band. Even though you already knew this, when you read through my resume these accomplishments help me achieve every day and will on a foreign planet.

Lastly, one thing you have never heard from me is my weaknesses. I am a person who is very stubborn and tends to micromanage every little thing. I work well when I have some extent of control. And even though I have spent hours in the simulator and class, I still do not know how to control that ridiculous spaceship (no offence). However, I am a friendly person who loves all people, and I do know how to drive a boat pretty well. Aside from all the jokes, I feel that even though I may not be perfect, I will work my hardest to continue to learn and do great things.

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