My Goal Is To Work With Patients Every Day As A Pharmacist

The field of pharmacy was not something I just happened into, but once I decided it was the path for me, I’ve never felt uncertain. As a child, I was raised in a family that was scared of science and medicine. After an injury in middle school that introduced me to different types of doctors, therapy, and medication for the first time, I developed an overwhelming interest in science and medicine. I wanted to know more about healthcare and better understand this field that I had never really interacted with firsthand. This changed the way I saw medicine and ultimately the classes I sought out in high school.

Through research, my interest in pharmaceuticals prospered. Right after high school, I decided to seek out pharmacy perspectives first-hand to make sure it was the field I was truly interested in. I did a month long shadowing of hospital pharmacists in my community and upon loving that experience, I applied to a local retail pharmacy and became a certified pharmacy technician.

As a pharmacist, I will have the opportunity to not only ensure that medications are used properly, but that ultimately my patients reach ideal outcomes based on my healthcare.

In simple terms, an education in pharmacy will provide me with the knowledge and aptitude needed to discuss medications with patients and their families. In actuality, this degree will afford me the opportunity to truly get to know my patients and provide them with a more well-rounded healthcare plan. As a pharmacist, I will get to enjoy one-on-one conversations with patients not only about their medications but about adherence, vaccinations, and how best to take care of themselves and their families in the future. Illness, therapy, and even just taking maintenance medications can be very nerve-wracking for patients and their family members. When individuals do not fully understand how and why they are receiving the treatment that they are, it can be incredibly stressful.

Pharmacists can help alleviate some of the stress related to various medical issues by explaining the correct dosage and use of treatment, a medication’s potential side effects, what the optimal outcomes would be, and what to expect throughout the use of a medication and beyond.

Ideally, my life goal is to find an occupation that allows me to interact directly with individuals and help make difference in their lives. Even now, I enjoy seeing the positive impact that I can have on those around me and as a pharmacist I hope to focus this passion in the quality of care my patients receive. I enjoy seeing that others are content and successful, which is why I am certain I will look forward to working with patients every day as a pharmacist.

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