My Preparation To Take Part In Veterinary Technician Program

I am very interested in Veterinary Technician Program because I’ve always had a special place in my heart for animals. Many teenagers are stressed out because they don’t know what they want to do with their lives. I, on the other hand, know exactly what I would like to do in the future and how I am going to get there. Ever since I was a little girl, animals such as dogs and cats have always had a big impact in my life. I’ve always been fascinated on how to treat animals to make them feel better because animals play a huge companionship role in millions of people’s lives. I was told about your outstanding program by my high school college counselor and learned that it is an excellent career path to take at the Santa Rosa Junior College.

Growing up, I wanted to pursue a career that would not only benefit me but the people around me. I feel as if helping a ‘man’s best friend’ and other animals that play a huge role in a human’s life would be the perfect way. Animals such as dogs are known for helping out many people’s lives with being able to uncover seizures and assist blind people with their vision. They are also very helpful with speech therapy, occupational therapy or physical rehabilitation which help patients recover from injuries and accidents. Aside from these therapeutic roles, pets such as dogs and cats are known for their companionship role. According to the National Center For Health Research it states that people who own pets have a healthier life span compared to those who don’t have pets. They are less likely to have future heart problems and are less likely to be depressed. There are 62% of American Households who own at least one pet. In becoming a Vet Tech, I will do my best to give back the amount of love to our beloved pets and ensure they are well taken care of.

Being a Vet Tech comes with many skills that one has to master. I believe I have the amount of skill it takes to become a vet tech. As you may know, I am a high school senior at Piner High School, and during my years at this high school I have had the opportunity to grow as a person and get out of my comfort zone. During my my time in high school I have been involved with many clubs such as ASB, Link Crew, Latino Club, and soccer club. Aside from this, I have also managed to maintain my server positions at the Brookdale Senior Living Center and a Cafe shop. All of these extracurricular activities I mentioned have shaped me to be the person I am today, and I’ve taken many leadership positions such as being the Vice President and Secretary of my high school. I had the opportunity to learn important skills such as the ability to create resumes, take responsibility, be adaptable, be customer service oriented and to be able to handle a fast paced environment. All of these skills would be very beneficial to the veterinary field and would help me a long way in life.

As you may know, I am currently in my last year of high school, getting ready to prepare myself for the future. Education has always been very important to me because my parents never had the educational opportunity I had to be able to further their knowledge and continue with school. Being first generation in my family is one of my biggest strengths because I would like to make my mother proud knowing that the sacrifices she made were worth it. My plan to make this happen is to be given the amazing opportunity to enroll into the Vet Tech program and finish my general education at the Santa Rosa Junior College over the span of two years. During those two years I plan to look for a job in a Veterinary Clinic or Hospital to either do the basics which would be cleaning. After those two years are up, I plan to transfer to UC Davis where I will further my education and enroll into Veterinary School and become a professional veterinarian.

Throughout the years I have been in school, I’ve faced many challenges that positively impacted me because I had the opportunity to obtain valuable knowledge and experience. One of many challenges I have faced was when I was working at Brookdale. I had a big table full of hungry residents waiting for their food, and everything was fine until I realized the cooks never bothered to look at my ticket. They had left just because it was late. At that time I knew I had to think of something quick because most of the residents were already complaining about the long wait.

At first I didn’t know what to do because many of my coworkers were already done with their sections and I was still there serving. I tried my least to not freak out and I explained to them that there was a mix up. After getting yelled at from six different residents, I knew I had to fix this somehow, so I turned the toaster back on and I made everyone some sandwiches with chips that I found in the storage. When I handed everyone a sandwich all of their anger towards me vanished immediately and bright smiles had taken over their faces. As soon as my shift was over, I was relieved and happy that the day was finally over. I patiently managed to control the situation and found a solution instead of just giving up.

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