My Self Analysis

This semester I have done a good job in this class. I believe I can still do more and to exceed in this class. The only downside of this semester is that there are not enough grades which mean I have to put double the effort into my assignments. Last semester there were more grades compared to this semester. After all, I still manage to do my work and have a good grade. In this semester, I somewhat procrastinated, attending class, and have a good grade.

The majority of students procrastinate which can cause failure unless you manage your time. For me, I kind of procrastinated in the first essay though I did get a good grade. I would have made a higher grade if only if I looked over it, but I did not. I was in a hurry to turn it in on time. That was my fault for not doing it earlier. As for my second essay, I actually wrote it a day before it was due, and I edit the next morning. I turn it in late at night, but I was more confident that I was going to get a higher grade than the first essay that I did which I did better. For the short story test, I did okay, but that was not the grade I wanted. The reason why is because I did not read two stories that were in the test. I only skimmed through them that morning before coming into class, but I did not get anything from the stories. After all, my grade is not bad.

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For college, attendance matters because you are able to receive information in order to succeed in class. Attendance in college is a whole lot stricter than a high school. This semester I only missed one day not because I wanted to. I personally do not like to miss a class, but at times you have to if it is an emergency. I always try to attend class on time so I will not miss important information.

Every college student wants a passing grade in their transcript in order to graduate with their degree. My grade this semester is a good grade. What helped me in this semester were the groups when we did the short stories and poems. Working as a group, you are able to see what other members point of view of the stories. At first, I did not like the idea of having groups but turns out that I did.

Comp II is not that terrible as I thought. The only thing that is needed for this class is time management and confidence. Having these two things, you are able to succeed in this class and other English related courses.

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