NAFDAC and Drug Abuse

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In the world today, abusing of drugs have come to b something that’s very common among youth in the society. This does not take the fact away that there are some elites and average class fellas who as well indulge in the act. Drug in itself is any form of substance that has the ability to modify human action, cognition, and functioning of the body system and as well capable of changing the biological and psychological performance of anyone.

Abusing of this substance that’s enrich with different chemicals that can react negatively in our system when used abnormally is something one shouldn’t had indulge in but in our society today, the reverse is the case.Youths of nowadays mostly, our students whom are deemed to b the future of tomorrow are d ones perpetrating this act. Ignorantly abusing substance(s) for the purpose of energizing and stabilzing their system whereas in reality, it weakening their body system, and subject their immune to b vulnerable to any form viruses…

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Drug abuse according to NAFDAC (2003) is said to believe an excessive and persistent self administration of drugs without regards to the medically or culturally accepted pattern of using it. It explains furthermore that it is the use of drug excessively that could lead to detoriate health, poor academic performance and unethical behavior in the society.While Odejide (2009) is his advisory opinion opined that drug abusers exhibit symptoms of stress like anxiety, frustration, poverty, loss, depression etc. That there is need for a medical expert and psychological counselor should attend to them asap in other to save them from the mayhem.The negative effects of drug abuse in the society know no boundaries. It stagnate the development of the society as it is a threat to life, dignity and prosperity.

When the the youths or student who to be confide in the safety and development of the society are of the terrain by destroying their future through drugs, what will b the future of such community? If not underdevelopment, there’s nothing else.Involvement in drug abuse by the people is often drive by the desire to satisfy some certain pleasure. The list contained in this pleasures are; curiosity, enjoyment of social gathering, sexual prowess, sound sleep academic pressure and performance in support. But this has actually turned the table around negatively. Abusing of drugs has slowly made an average youth student maimed, sentenced to life delinquency, street walking, insanity and premature death.

Establishment of family education on drugs: the family is the nucleus of social organization. Parent should be educated on why they should always talked their wards out of drug involvement. Clearly explain what at stake in it if involved carried out, inform them about how dangerous it could be to not their future only but the future of the younger ones in the society that’s looking up to him/her and give them moral advice on how to clearly stay of rail* Establishment of counseling center for drug congrol: counseling centre should b established in every community by the govt or private individual or org. Qualified medical experts, and good good counselling experts should be recruited their to help any victim of drug addicts. Patient or Adults should be advised not to take drugs in discriminatory in the presence of a child(ren).

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