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Negative/Positive Effects of the Industrial Revolution

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    The sass’s were a time of innovation and immigration to cities for the new factory jobs, because the Agricultural Revolution changed farms. There were many positive and negative effects of the Industrial Revolution. One positive effect of the Industrial Revolution, was arbitration. Arbitration was when cities were built because of all the jobs the factories were offering. Many people wanted these jobs, and went from farms to these new cities. They needed homes for these new comers, so they quickly built make-shift apartments. Even though the living conditions were poor, arbitration was overall a great thing.

    It supported factories and increased the economy, and it set up a base for our economic growth. Arbitration overall was a positive thing. Another positive effect Of the Industrial Revolution was industrial production. This was the production of cotton, steam engines, and railroads. These were all great things. Cotton being processed in factories let it be a faster process and lessened slavery. Steam engines and railroads were incredible because it gave a fast and easier way to transport good, by land and water. It also increased jobs because people had to run and work these machines.

    Industrial production was an overall positive effect of the Industrial Revolution. Lastly, modern inventions were a positive effect of the industrial Revolution. Some of these inventions and medical advances were vaccines, lights, x-rays, and telephones. Vaccines made people much healthier, and life-expectancy rose, which increased the population. X-Rays also helped people learn more about human anatomy, which was beneficial to medical science. Lights and telephones were not necessary, but it made life whole lot easier. Also, those were manufactured in factories, hence more jobs.

    Modern inventions were an overall positive effect of the Industrial Revolution. Working conditions and wages were a negative effect of the Industrial Revolution. Factories were booming, and everyone wanted a job in one. The factory owners took advantage of this. They paid them close to nothing, especially child and women. Also, there was one very short break, while working a more than 1 0 hour day. The working conditions were very dangerous. The machines were easy to get limbs caught in, and there was articles in the air from whatever they made, that late led to lung disease and cancer.

    The working conditions and wages were very poor in the Industrial Revolution. Another negative effect of the Industrial Revolution was child labor. Children were worked hard and for long periods of time. They had one short break and very long hours. They were paid the least of all the people who worked in the factories. They were small, so they were sent to fix the machines where others couldn’t fit, so they go injured that way. But, it was a paycheck and kids still did it because they needed the money.

    Child labor was a negative effect of the Industrial Revolution. The conditions in coal mines were a negative effect of the Industrial Revolution. Men, women, and children worked in coal mines. It was very dangerous work. There was much coal dust in the air, and the workers breathed that in all day, which led to lung disease. There were floods in the mines, and cave-ins which usually led to many, many deaths. The spaces were small to work in and made it even harder to do. The conditions in the coal mines was a negative effect of the Industrial Revolution.

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