New American Dreamers

She is the prototype of today’s young Woman-confident, outgoing, knowledgeable, involved” 1 . Today’s young women are the first generation to take for granted that they, Like men, deserve their fair share of the American Dream. Success has become a coveted symbol of identity in an era of “fragmented family life, insecure, often transient work relationships, and a vanishing sense of community. The increasing economic burdens on today’s young women limit their ability to fulfill these expectations 2.

The new American dreamers are setting out on a very different quest for self- realization” 2. New American Dreamers, who are achievement-oriented; Internationalists, who have a strong commitment to creating families, but expect to balance that role with significant work; and Outsiders, who-because of their race, family background, an early pregnancy, or simply the characteristic angst of adolescence-feel that they have no options at all. 3. But what about If In some cases It Is not Like a dream , is more Like a nightmare? Speculates that perhaps today’s women have been hoodwinked into believing that hey can do it all, have it all, and be it all. Because of continuing discrimination, self- sufficiency may not be possible within the current structure of American society. Clearly the dilemmas facing young women today are as much a function of their times as of their gender. 4. Knocker widespread Cling 4. Meaning: a person who finds fault or disparages Other forms of the Word: knocker Sentence Knocking someone down In such harsh terms without any explanation or deflations does not elevate the knocker.

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Meaning: distributed over a wide region, or occurring in many places or among many persons or individuals: Other forms of the Word: widespread Sentence : However, because of their extensive use and long half-life, human exposure remains widespread. Meaning: to remain attached, as to an idea, hope, memory, etc. Other forms of the word: clinger,clankingly agelessness, Sentence : Despite the predictions, the candidate clung to the belief that he would be elected. 5. 5. Sided maintains that the young women are passionate and have faith.

They show a display of optimism with respect to their personal and professional hopes. As a student, I own similar hopes in attaining success in both my personal and repressions aspects of life. 6 The The beautiful article ‘The New American Dreamers’ has been written by Ruth Sided who is a professor of sociology at Hinder College of the city university of New York. In this article, Sided discusses the hopes and dreams that young women in the United States have for their personal and professional lives.

She describes about the new American dreamers especially young women comparing traditional women to modern thinkers. She has discussed the dream of modern women, their attitude, imagination and thought about their male partners as well. The present women are infinite, outstanding, knowledgeable, have controlled and sophisticated idea about planning for the future, intimacy, sex, drugs and alcohol. There are some characters in the article who clearly prove the new American dreams.

They are Amy Morrison, Jacqueline Gonzalez, Yet, Hispanic where as Morrison having 15 wants to be a surgeon and wants to have a good secure Job and to make money to have cars and also wants to be successful. Similarly Yet having 17 wants to be professional mode and wants to be rich etc. Gonzalez having 19 wants to be a lawyer and wants to make money and more materialistic success. Similarly an eighteen years old Hispanic hopes to “Be Boss” in large company and wants to have a lots of money. These young women are bright , thoughtful, personable.

They all belong to America. No matter what class they come from, their fantasies are of upward mobility, a comfortable life filled with personal choice and material possessions. They have bought into the image of a bright future. Many of them see themselves as professional women, dressed in handsome clothes, carrying a briefcase to work and coming home to be a comfortable house or condo, possibly to a loving, caring husband and a couple of ell behaved children. 6 The writer mainly focuses on the goals and aspiration of young women in U.

S. A. Who dreams about controlling their own personal and professional destinies and achieving material success. All the women want to earn a lots of women. Personal car, beautiful building, a husband who understands her feelings and values and lower class, the dream is same for their success they want hard working to get and achieve the dreams. Those dreams have been making them different from the traditional women who were believed some how dependent to their husband and families.

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