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New Orleans Saints Informative Speech

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The Saints have some very interesting history, very talented football players, and are looking ere promising to do something special this football season. Body I. Will begin informing you on the history’ of the New Orleans Saints. A. It was announced that New Orleans would be granted an NFG franchise on November 1, 1966. The franchise would be named the New Orleans As nits. B. The Saints first regular season was the following year in 1 967 where, as expected, they only won three games.

The Saints, being a new franchise, had to get their players from somewhere.

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New Orleans Saints Informative Speech
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The Saints roster was filled with young players fresh out of college and free agents that no other teams wanted. As a result, they had a shaky start to the franchise. C. The Saints woes went on for another 20 years before the team had its first winning season at 12-3 in 1987. Although they lost in the first round of the playoffs, things were finally looking up for a team that was nicknamed the “Ants” for how bad they were for so many years.

D. The Saints continued to make the playoffs every two or three years but didn’t get their first playoff win until 2000. The win came against the SST.

Louis Rams in the first round of the playoffs. E. In 2005, the city of New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Strain. In the devastation, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, where the Saints played heir home games, was extensively damaged. The Superdome did hold up however enough to temporarily house thousands of victims who had lost their homes. The Saints were forced to play all games on the road that season. There were rumors that the franchise would leave New Orleans and relocate to Los Angels due to the shape of the city and the team’s overall performance throughout the years. F.

However, the Saints remained in New Orleans and opened the next season up at home in the renovated Superdome. It was truly a triumphant moment for the city of New Orleans as the team beat their division rival, the Atlanta Falcons. G. The 2009-2010 season, the New Orleans Saints started the season at 13-0. They lost the last three games Of the regular season but still easily made the playoffs. In the playoffs, the Saints marched their way to Super Bowl 44 where they defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 to win their first Super Bowl. Drew Breed had an outstanding performance to earn himself the Super Bowl MAP award.

H. In March of 201 2, evidence that would prove costly for the Saints’ upcoming season was released to the public. The Saints were caught running a bounty program, which is illegal in the NFG. A bounty program is a system thin a football team in which select players and coaches offer cash to anybody on the team who injures an opposing player. This is used really just to amp up the defensive effort a little bit and get the players more aggressive. As a result, several players and coaches were suspended for large chunks of the following season.

Also, head coach Sean Patton was suspended for a year and the Saints were stripped of many valuable draft picks. II. I will now talk about the current players and staff. A. From the owner Tom Benson to the head equipment manager, Dan Simmons, the Saints currently have 127 staff members. The most visible of those staff members being head coach Sean Patton. Sean Patton came to New Orleans in 2005 and turned the franchise around. His offensive play calling along with the obvious talent is the reason the Saints have shattered a handful of records since his arrival.

Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan have also been key reasons for the As nits success. B. The Saints are led by veteran quarterback Drew Breed. Drew Breed hooks up for many touchdown passes with receivers Marques Coolest, Lance Moore, Kenny Stills, Robert Impeacher, tight end Jimmy Graham, and running sacks Pierre Thomas and Darrel Spoolers. Drew even hooks up for an occasional touchdown with fullback Jadeite Collins. C. Drew Breed couldn’t pick apart defenses however without the protection of his offensive line.

Saints offensive tackles Charles Brown and Each Street continue to play slightly above average. As Saints offensive guards Ben Grubs and Karri Evans are two of the best in the league and never disappoint. Brian De La Pungent plays solid at center. D. The Saints defense includes a jumble of players as Rob Ryan likes to substitute players and formations. Players worthy of knowing on the Saints D re Junior Galatea, Cam Jordan, Curtis Loft, Jon Villa, Keenan Lewis, Jabber Greer, Malcolm Jenkins, and rookie Kenny Avocado. F.

Special Teams is solid in New Orleans, for the most part. Thomas Mortared proves year in and out that he is one of the league’s best punters. Darrel Spoolers mans kick and punt returns and does a pretty good job. However, the Saints kicker, Garret Hartley, is pretty bad to be honest. Ill. I will now inform you on how the Saints are playing this year and how the rest of the season looks. A. As of October 29, the New Orleans Saints have a record Of 6 wins and 1 loss. The one loss coming by way of Tom Brady and the Patriots on a last second touchdown.

B. New Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan has improved what was last year the worst defense in NFG history. The defense is currently ranked 7th in total defense out of the 32 teams in the NFG C. The usual high powered offense hasn’t played like they have in the past but they’re still ranked in the top 5 for total offense and points per game. D. Future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Breed broke another record against the Bills on October 27 when he passed for 5 touchdown passes for the eighth time in his career. E.

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