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Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby in the Great Gatsby

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‘The Great Gatsby comparison essay. In 1925, F. Scott Fitzgerald had his third novel published, The Great Gatsby. ‘The Great Gatsby is a novel based on the recollections that the narrator, Nick Caraway ,had from the summer of 1922 in the village of West Egg. Even though Nick is the narrator and is telling us what had happened, the central protagonist is the rich and mysterious Jay Gatsby, who lives just next door to Nick. Bag Allurement’s 2013 drama film, ‘The Great Gatsby, is an adoption of F.

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Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby in the Great Gatsby
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Scott Fitzgerald novel. Bag Allurement has really brought this novel to life with the amount of glamour he has added to the roaring twenties and the impeccable acting shown by the cast. Though I think this film version of The Great Gatsby is amazing, there are some differences that I couldn’t ignore, In Fitzgerald novel, Nick Caraway, the narrator, is simply reminiscing on his time spent in West Egg over the summer, and that’s how he gets into the story.

In Allurement’s film, Nick is in a psychiatric ward where he is writing his memories down as a form of therapy. The film goes back and forth to the ward from time to time which makes us remember that all the glamour and happiness being shown is Just the past. It kind of rains on your parade a bit but I think it is adds a very emotional ouch to the film and a nice twist. Another difference to me was Just how glorified every single thing was.

In the novel there were certain bits where things were supposed to be glamorous and beautiful, like the extravagant parties held at Jay Gatsby and when Daisy was described, but there were bits that didn’t seem as sparkly and nice, An example of that would be ‘The Valley of Ashes’ where Wilson and Myrtle live, The Valley of Ashes is a long stretch of desolate land created by the dumping of industrial ashes, and in the novel it felt like a depressing place to be. Though, in the film it wasn’t that bad at al, it had a kind of cosines and warmth to it. It had little stores around and a train station, not as empty and bare as I’d imagined.

In the novel, Nicks cousin Daisy sets him up with her friend, professional golfer, Jordan Baker. They spend time together and have a physical, romantic relationship. She is the only person Nick is close with in the novel other than Gatsby, though, in the film they do not have much of a relationship at all. There is a scene in the film where Jordan invites Nick in after their day out with Daisy and everyone else, but, Nick declines. He pushed away any chance of a relationship blossoming. Which is supporting because that was something from the book that I never could really imagine, so I was curious of how they would have acted it out.

There is a scene that is almost word tort word what is written in the novel, when Gatsby, Nick, Jordan, and the Buchanan go to the Plaza Hotel and Gatsby desperately tries to get Daisy to leave Tom. Tom predicts that Gatsby will be unable to care for Daisy if his whole life has been a lie, which Tom believes it has been, after that being said Gatsby completely loses control of his emotions and destroys the bar, then continues his outburst by grabbing Tom by his collar and screaming in his face. After this violent rampage, Daisy ‘changes’ her mind and seems afraid of Gatsby.

This never happens in the novel. In the novel, Daisy changes her mind because she is fine being with Tom. Why would Allurement add this in when Daisy is accustomed to violence? Daisy is always calling Tom a “hulking brute” and pointing out bruises on her hand caused by him. Therefore it is unrealistic to think that Gatsby yelling in Tom’s face would be the reason for her to have changed her mind. To me this being added to the film made Daisy look petty, like she didn’t have any real feelings for Gatsby, which made her dissociable.

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