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Introduction:Automated ballot ballot is an information direction system that has been developed for automatizing the procedure of election proceedings that take topographic point between the people. and the authorities. The system needs consistent flow of information at different degrees within the machine-controlled ballot ballot. any break in the flow of major informations can do the concluding finding of fact to acquire stalled or pending. These sorts of state of affairss should be keeping our machine-controlled system. Data care becomes a critical constituent with proper relation at all different phases. Any relational mismatch upon the existent information can alter the existent significance of the finding of fact. which is a great concern in the sections. The systems besides become false cogent evidence for informations attractive forces at any phase. because the overall control of information is kept in the custodies of different disposals working at different degrees. The subjective authorization of informations use is handled ballad with proper hallmark. but all the recognized actions in the system can put to death questions upon the system as per the significant standardisations as they arise when the system is under the operational criterions. Faculties: The present application has been divided in to four faculties.

1. Admin Module2. User Module3. Voter ID Application4. Reports Faculty

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1. Admin Faculty:This faculty tells all about an machine-controlled ballot ballot section who are carry oning elections in our state. By utilizing this faculty Automated ballot ballot can let go of election agenda which involves type of elections ( parliament. Assembly ) . election zone ( country ) in add-on with nomination get downing day of the month. stoping day of the month and besides election get downing day of the month. stoping day of the month. 2. User Faculty: This faculty tells all about electors. By utilizing this faculty any citizen who is traversing 18 old ages old can register their names to acquire electoral hallmark. and besides they can travel for on-line vote. 3. Voter ID Application: By utilizing this faculty user will acquire hallmark by supplying his/her inside informations by utilizing that hallmark they can travel for on line vote besides. This sub faculty is holding following functionalities. 1. Voter Registration: By utilizing this functionality user can register to acquire hallmark. After completion of enrollment user will acquire a alone elector ID.

2. Nomination: By utilizing this functionality political leaders can travel for nomination by supplying elector Id.

3. On-line Vote: By utilizing this functionality users can utilize their electoral hallmark by supplying their elector Ids.

4. Reports: By utilizing this faculty user will travel for different types of questions like elector question consequence question etc. This sub faculty consists following functionalities.

1. Voter Enquiry: By utilizing this functionality user can acquire all his/her personal inside informations which are provided at the clip of enrollment.

2. Result Enquiry: By utilizing this functionality user can look into the election consequence.

3. Agenda Question: By utilizing this functionality user can look into the election agenda.

4. Voter List: By utilizing this functionality user can look into overall registered users.

Software demands:

Operating System: WindowsTechnology: Java/J2EE ( JDBC. Servlets. JSP )Web Technologies: Html. JavaScript. CSSIDE: My EclipseWeb Server: TomDatabase: ProphetSoftware’s: J2SDK1. 5. Tomcat 5. 5. Prophet 9i

Hardware demands:

Hardware: Pentium based systems with a lower limit of P5 RAM: 256MB ( lower limit )

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